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I've sat on the same chair for 10 hours plus until I am numb all over.. I'd love to share my story of my addiction to slot machines here with you.

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im addicted to poker machines

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I have been gambling since I was 18 years old and I'm now 38.. how much time I've spent being alone recklessly spinning slot machines.. I was an addict.

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It was short but fantastic and it somewhat inspired me to do the same, albeit with what you might consider a more hard-hitting topic.
One of the advantages of writing for a site that has a large audience is that sometimes, you can express yourself when no one really knows who you are.
When most people think of gambling they think of a different class of person.
Without further adieu, here we go.
The year was 1999 and I was 16 years old.
Unfortunately for me, I was right and I felt an adrenaline rush a 16 year old has no business feeling.
It was the beginning of the end.
I graduated high school and attended the University of Miami on a partial scholarship.
I would deposit a few hundred dollars here and a few hundred dollars there and I was actually pretty good at it.
Sports is what I knew best, and while I was earning a degree in gambling from the University Officially called probability and statisticsI was also enhancing my handicapping professional gambling term skills.
The sharper my gambling skill set, the bigger the problem became.
I started skipping random classes because there was a day baseball game on TV.
Meanwhile my A grades turned into A.
Any handicapper will tell you that bet win 365 poker bonus do it right, you have to go through mountains of information and follow every game because even the slightest detail can give you the edge you need to make the right decision.
More and more of my time was going into gambling and less and less of my time into everything else.
I was sacrificing my life, to gamble.
But just as fast as the checks came in, they went right back out.
Gambling 101 teaches you not to chase your losses and walk away.
Hot streaks are awesome im addicted to poker machines cold streaks can ruin you forever.
Both teams final score combined.
The score was just 3-0 after the first quarter and I felt awesome.
So just as fast as I won all of this money, I ended up losing it.
Geelong Cats were always the safe bet there, in-case you were wondering.
I finished school with a massive college loan debt, no immediate job and the fear that if I returned home, I would be exposed for the habitual gambler I had become.
I decided to stay in Miami and with two days left in my on-campus apartment lease, I found a new apartment.
Two weeks after that, I became a store manager for the local Boston Market fast food chain.
I started at the fruit stand, worked my way through selling golf balls and asking people if they wanted pickles at McDonalds for six years, then worked two jobs in college.
Add that to the gambling I was continuing to do with every spare minute of my free-time and I was in pretty terrible shape.
I can remember thinking to myself that I could quit at anytime.
I thought of gambling as a hobby that I had full control over and when the time was right, I would just turn it off.
With each failed attempt, I began to doubt myself and with each collector that called me, I feared I would be stuck in this hole for the rest of my life.
I spent 8+ hours a day focused strictly on gambling.
Hell, I could tell you the 53 roster players for every professional football team, including their college background and their stats.
I picked up a new job https://tayorindustry.com/bonus/bonus-slot-machine-vlt.html a little more money, and was strong enough to pay the necessities.
Just not strong enough to kick the habit I suppose.
Nothing I seemed to do worked.
I tried closing all of my gambling accounts but I would just reopen new ones in a few days.
Financially, I was better off than before, but still in the negative each month.
In September of 2009, I made the craziest decision of my life and decided to quit my job with no new job in sight and zero dollars of expected future income.
It was more about the time consuming activity than it was winning or losing money and while I used to get a rush from winning and losing, I was now somewhat immune to the whole thing.
Through absolutely no effort on my partI found a girl that tolerated my company and a job that saved my life.
How in the world did I do this?
For me, the strategy that worked was to refocus my addiction on things other than gambling.
I had hit rock bottom a couple of times in regard to losing a lot of money but I was one of the lucky ones.
I started out ahead and only lost house money in the long-run.
I wonder what would have become of me had I started out a gambling loser?
If you find yourself in a similar gambling situation, the best course of action may not be the one that worked for me.
Comments are anonymous, feel free to ask for help if you need it.
Wow… that is an amazing story!
That is definitely an accomplishment.
Last trip to the casino?
About 3 weeks ago.
Ive hit rock bottom and barely have a dollar to my name.
I start a full-time job in September and have set up a strong financial click to see more utilizing a debt snowball.
Your story is an inspiration that there is a way out — and you have my word, I will dig myself out of it.
The frame of mind that your life is too valuable to waste it now is great but those very same thoughts ran through my head too many times to count.
I still made excuses to gamble and I still thought I could win enough money to cover my college debt and previous gambling losses.
I would encourage you to keep track of every-time the idea of placing a bet runs through your head because even though you sound like you can beat this, your written thoughts might tell you otherwise.
Keep us up-to-date and good luck.
Thanks for sharing your story.
Most people would be afraid to let their addiction be known.
I have kicked a gambling addiction myself which led to my bankruptcy in 1996.
I have written about that on my blog but it was already a decade in the past when I wrote about it.
Sounds like a wild ride, man.
Glad to see you finished school despite all the ups and downs.
Good story, I enjoy throwing a few bucks on a game here or there.
Fortunately I never got sucked in though, it really is powerful.
The Money escalates quickly and you need to wager more to get the feeling.
Thanks for sharing and hope you can stay strong.
Always can remember the teams or the random player that blew the bet too, good stuff.
Fascinating and detailed story.
Or are you along the lines of an alcoholic where one drink might as well be 12?
Glad you kicked the habit!
Is that possible for you to do with your buddies and colleagues?
Or is it an all or nothing proposition?
My issues became the rush of getting home, going to Western Union and making a handful of deposits in the span of 72 hours.
Thank you again for opening up to all of us.
What a great story.
I always think about addictions being to drugs or alcohol but there are so many others that can https://tayorindustry.com/bonus/casino-online-bonus-senza-deposito-immediato.html just as devastating.
A great uncle of mine earned and lost several fortunes in his lifetime.
A sweet man, very kind hearted.
He died https://tayorindustry.com/bonus/bgo-casino-bonuses.html a hotel room near Pittsburgh.
I recently entered a GA program in Vegas.
My gambling career began when I moved to Vegas and in 5 years time, I have lost around 50K total and finally said enough.
Its a struggle everyday as it is an addition just like crack or alcohol.
When gambling it was an escape from reality and it became all comsuming just like you stated.
Leaving it is hard, staying away is harder, especially in Vegas.
I was fortunate to see the light early.
I hear other GA member stories and they are horrifying and I consider myself lucky to have caught it before I sunk to some of those depths.
Be careful, it can catch you off gaurd and suck you right back in.
I somehow menage to finish 2 colleges and it is only bright thing in my past 6 years.
I am a 51 yr old female.
I started gambling when my husband was busing working long hours and I was bored.
It was online gambling, about 15 years ago.
My beautiful home, my husband, my job, my assets.
Here it is now 2010 and I am unemployed, living with my daughter and no assets or hope for any future.
I should be looking forward to retiring and traveling.
People kill themselves over less then this.
I wanted to blame my husband.
All he would say is you better stop gambling.
I never thought he would leave me.
What kind of person does that?
But no, I have only myself to blame.
I need the money more then anything, and I was so happy that I won it, yet, slowly, I put it back in trying to win more, and watch it dwindle away.
I tried Gamblers Anonymous, but all that talk about gambling, just wanted to make me come home and gamble.
I will never understand this sickness.
At least a drug addiction makes sense.
I went to the point of leaving some money at home, if I went to one of the Indian Casinos here in AZ, and when I lost what all that I brought, I actually went all the way back home to get what money I left, and went back to the casino.
So, here I sit, hoping, I never gamble again.
But knowing deep down, tomorrow or the next day, I will be on here losing money.
Because I love it so much.
I used to find crazy ways to avoid social events and get out of work just so I could watch my sporting event and watch time tick away.
Sitting at home all day only to be tempted time and time again is always going to break you down.
I remember when I would take a walk outside thinking how stupid I was for withdrawing money only to lose it hours later.
I said this was the last day I would gamble, and 24-hours I would give in.
I have her to steer me in the right direction if need be and the urge to gamble is 100% gone.
At least for now Everyone needs a support system and if you have any family or friends within a 1,000 mile radius, you need to ask them for help.
Two heads are always better than one and maybe you can get more than that.
My big losses came from betting big like 10-15k a game.
I have this NCAA football system that only bets based on reverse point movements and is a 100% winner…In a season I only get like 7-10 picks the entire season but they hit 100% of the time.
I also have this 2nd half NCAA basketball system that wins about 76.
If my system is such a high % over the past 3 years why am I losing?
I trick myself everytime that I will only follow my system plays but I ALWAYS ALWAYS get off track and bet other games…and lose.
Then I bet the entire account balance tonight on a non-system play…I bet on Pittsburgh at home tonight and lost my entire account balance.
I just thought it was going to win.
This happens time and time again.
The thing is I give my winning picks to my friend in Vegas and he only bets those and makes money off of it.
He thinks I do very well because every pick I give him is a winner.
I took some active measures and deleted all sport apps on my android phone.
But how long will this charade last?
I am also only 2 months away from paying off all my debts.
I am just a big bonehead….
What should I do?
What do you recommend?
Another sleepless night for me right now for a bonehead mistake… I get triggered: 1.
What tips can you give?
I am a bonehead Hey Bonehead.
Pittsburgh sure took a whooping tonight huh.
I feel ya dude.
I became pretty solid at the NCAA basketball side of gambling but when there was no basketball on, I bet on other things, simply because I needed action.
Hockey, Tennis, Australian Rules Football, Rugby … I know more about Australian sports than I think anyone else in this country.
Look out for Manly Sea Eagles this year in the NRL!
But the only way I worked my way out of it was, well … with work.
I had to find something else to keep me busy, because any free time I had put me right in front of my computer, capping lines.
I picked up a second and third side job in umpiring and refereeing that got me out of the house on Saturdays which was crucial to avoid NCAAF and I now enjoy Sundays for Jets games and Jets games only.
Congratulations in getting your debt level down to zero, and might I make one more suggestion.
Girlfriend of 5 years sounds pretty serious and to be honest, I needed someone to help keep me in check.
I used my GF as a watchdog and since we live together, learn more here was doubly as difficult to sneak a bet in.
Really kept me on the straight and narrow.
Good luck my man.
Hey there is there anyway of getting in contact with the High Roller Person on the first thread of this page would love to chat with him and get some support his story is very close to mine.
I have experienced immeasurable positive change in my life since stopping and am walking across America to raise awareness about problem gambling.
I started in Seattle and my final destination in Boston, where the National Conference on Problem Gambling will be held at the beginning of June.
There are many ways to stop an addiction, and your story is valid and insuring.
GA and family is what worked for me.
My trip blog is Thanks for sharing.
Michael, Thanks for sharing your story.
We are about the same bonus round videos and I can relate in so many ways.
I am trying so hard to get through my problem but it seems bonus games casino impossible.
I have had my fair share of very bad stories even dealing with bookies.
I have expressed my situation to my family and friends but no one really knows how serious it is.
I am thinking about GA or even a therapist to see if anything helps.
It blows my mind how I can be thinking this to myself before I make the bet and yet I do it over and over.
So many times I say ok this is it.
This is the last bad beat or this is the last bet but I always find my way back.
Today I took the first step of shutting down my online sport account by telling them I have a problem so they shut it down for life.
This will help a bit but I can always open another accont with a different sportsbook or go to Vegas or even have a friend bet it on their account.
I dont even get the good feeling anymore.
Just like the movie two for the money how they say its not when you are taking the money in and winning its now I get the rush when I know I just blew everything and I have nothing left in the account.
Just writting this makes me sick and just thinking how if someone read this and didnt gamble how big of an idiot I must seem.
I am not in the worst position right now in terms of debt but I could see something bad happening in the future especially as I start to make more and more money and this scares me.
Does it ever get easier or is this just something I need to deal with forever?
https://tayorindustry.com/bonus/vegas-winner-casino-bonus.html cant just keep saying this is the last bet.
I did that a couple months ago when I blew 10K in one weekend in Vegas and I have defin gambled since.
I just cant understand how I dont learn from these very dumb mistakes.
Thanks again for posting your story and does give me a little bit of hope.
After losing a 500k plus business deal at work because mz wife sloth goonies rocky road me at home, I managed to find other jobs.
I would find myself dreaming about a big win for hours, dazs, weeks and months on end.
All the while my wife would ask me how was work, how was zour day.
Our first child had just been born and desperate to make a living to feed our little familly I would go out to the casino and bookies and dissapear for whole days.
And when I got back my wife would be furious and ask where I had been.
And I would just go quiet and then the rows would start.
In the beginning I was winning consistently every day.
But then I just starting losing and then chasing.
And in my head I kept telling myself that I could when.
The impact of mz behaviour only became real to me once my wife left me.
Then she came back and still I continued.
Then I got slammed into a pyschiatric ward and then she left again.
And I have not seen continue reading since.
I have promised to myself that I am never making another bet, ever.
She used to leave me at home with her lastest husband for days.
She blew hundreds of my child support dollars in day.
I know she has a problem, and I really did try to help her.
I even hid my bank card from her once.
But she found it.
After a while, my dad got wind of what was going on and pulled me out of there.
Am I a little bitter?
But your story shows me there is hope for her.
So my questions here are these: Were you a good handicapper but bad doing money management?
Are you trying to say that it is impossible to predict the games outcome and find juice sometimes or that you were too greedy to do proper money management?.
Or that you should study, get a good job and then gamble?.
Let me tell you, you had almost 100 000 in your hands, most american will never see this amount of money, so what was your point?
Thank you so much for your story.
I just started gambling compulsively over the last couple of years.
It has gotten to the point where I take a day off work here and there to go play and I feel sick to my stomach when I take big losses.
Your story tells me there is hope.
I talked to the people close to me last night asking for their support in quitting gambling.
I hope I can get my mind on other things while I battle this addiction.
I have done on a regular basis.
I had a couple of nice wins on the Brownlow Medal and some NBA futures a couple of years back and I swore I would reduce my credit limit after paying off debt….
I think the very next week, I lost a bet on the AFL grand final, then before I knew it, I was betting on college football and NFL just for something to bet on over the Christmas break.
One of the worst things is that every day there is something to bet on — basketball, football, baseball, tennis etc….
I just wanted to say it was good to read your story because I really identified with it.
As I have read before there is a 2 % of sports bettors who wins and a 98% who lose.
Most people with gambling addiction are in the 98% of losers group.
I have been handicapping games and I have been able to find sometimes up to 80 % chances of winning and the my prediction have been confirmed with the results most of the time.
I have to say that I use a lot of mathematics formulas, trends and stats.
My predictions are 99% of the time the same as those of the bookies, but there is this 1% where they mess up and I get my juice.
I will be happy if one of you guys change my mind in this matter, but the way to do it is by giving me a scientific based analisis showing me that the bookies never go wrong.
I have studied the stock market, the forex, and many other bussiness out there and none of them have ever showed me a profit winning rate of over 60%.
Can someone help me here I clear my mind?.
Or none of you guys have been serious bettor able to calculate and predict the outcome of the games as well or better than the bookies?
Statistics and systems are rational, addiction is not.
If you think you can win on stats and beat the bookies by playing a system, then more power to you.
I do know that luck counts in a very strong way, specially in the short term.
You might have a dice hitting the same number 15 times in a row or even more, that is why is so important to have a strong income, always consider the chance of losing and bet a very low percentage of your bankroll.
I will also make sure to build a team of experts before I jump in.
The other problems sports bettors have is the huge amounts of scams froms sports handicappers websites, which are responsible for a great deal of the losses that new bettors have unfortunally most of them kids.
Once you learn that most handicappers out there do cheat in some way is too late.
They cheat, they take your money, they force you to bet huge amount of money since you are paying a lot for their service and there is nothing you can do about it.
There is no protection for the consumers in this regard.
And not only that, they sell picks under differentes names so they always win.
Sorry but I still think that many of you guys have a problem that is not addiction to gambling but addiction to nonsense gambling.
Food is not the cause of obesity, you wont get fat by eating lettuce.
I dont want you guys to gamble, is the other way around.
I want to say that you are addicted to something that is way different to what you think you are addicted.
You see people like Billy Walters and you try to do the same thing that he is doing when you guys are just throwing the money away, what you guys do is like trying to do an open heart surgery after reading a book while a professional surgeon spend 10 years studiying full time to do what they do.
If you call it addiction to stupidity and self destructive behavior will probably help you to stop from doing it.
I used to think like you Frank … hell I used to be like you too.
There was a time when I got started with gambling that I was doing very well.
The first year or two I was in college, I was disciplined and focused on handicapping and things were going well.
Then I hit a bad streak.
A few bad calls by officials here and a few unlucky injuries there … and before you know it, I lost 78 out of 100 wagers.
Specializing in mathematics, I knew this kind of run was a possibility but as good as I had been, I never thought it would happen.
When your winning, the world is a beautiful place.
You become confident in your selections and the results reflect your confidence.
But after I started losing, the urge to gamble became worse and worse.
The wagers I placed started to become larger and larger and rather than betting two games a night, I bet four, I bet eight.
Before I knew it, I was spending 24 hours a day thinking about who I would bet the next night, the next week … who would win the Superbowl in 2012 so I could get a futures bet in.
Losing changes everything, and I guarantee you that you will lose big sometimes.
Your thoughts are rational Frank because you sit on the green side of the fence.
You reference Billy Walters, a man who admittedly has had losing months, losing years, and continues to gamble on.
Consider him an exception to the rule.
In the end, one bad call, one dropped ball by a superstar, apologise, zodiac casino bonus uitbetalen remarkable FT clanked by the guy that shoots 99% … explain to me how you account for that?
Few people can make this work.
Not only can it be addicting, but you start in the hole see more 5%-10% with every single wager.
Unless you have an unlimited bankroll, one bad streak which is 100% guaranteed going to happen can throw your mind into a frenzy and you start breaking your own system.
Mike, I want to congratulate you on a really impressive achievement of digging yourself out of the addiction.
One thing you mentioned that stuck with me is that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can climb out of a hole.
Mike, your writing is inspirational and thank you for sharing.
This past gambling season was a hallmark one for me, in which I learned a lot about myself.
I do think the Billy Walters thing is a very bad example.
Does he know mroe about sports than any of us who have failed at sports gambling?
I strongly doubt it….
When you have that kind of bankroll, you are playing with a different set of rules from everyone else.
Michael is right — losing does change everything.
To me, this is the biggest irony — there are many, many guys like Michael and me who know a great deal about sports….
I think what these guys do is very shady.
Things that used to hurt me before are meaningless now, it could be a conflict with a cooworker or a someone saying hurtful things, or the fear of losing my job or getting sick, or not been able to spend time with someone I love.
Handicapping games give me hope, and force me to keep my mind sharp and focus.
You dont have to bet hundreds, by playing just 2 dollars a day you could make millions.
I used to play dice when I was a kid, I remember hitting the same number 15 times in a row a couple of times, that in a betting scale would be equivalent to millions and millions of dollars.
I could go combining martingale and parlays and even if I lose will never be more that 30 dollars a month.
This is not how I want to do it casino com it is a possibility.
And you are wrong when you say that you know a bunch of things about sports betting that are useless.
Did you check how much is charging Mr East sport handicapper for example this year: 75 doll per day.
That is over 27 000 per year with only one person buying his daily picks.
With 100 persons would be 2.
And those picks are sold worldwide.
Julian Billy Walters is a loser woking alone, but he has a team of experts helping him and that is a big, big difference.
In basketball each point means about 14 dolars of juice.
So why will you bet straight if you have a 140 doll juice in one and only 75 in the other.
Would you bet the same amount in a game of Lebron vs Wade as in a game of Lebron vs Obama if you have the same money line for each player?
I mean mathematically, as soon as you deviate from flat betting, that required percentage to break even goes up….
I could be wrong….
In $200 no deposit 2020 experience, you need both teams to shoot pretty well to hit that total, generally speaking….
If you played that game really hard, you would need to hit a higher percentage of winners in the future just to make up for that extra loss.
You need to learn a lot about math, stadistical analisis and trends aplied to sports and money management.
One of the best mathematics in USA was working for walters when he made his fortune in sports betting, before that he used to spend half millions of dollars every year in sports betting, his car dealer money would end up lost in bets each year.
It is all about math, if you can see the huge difference between 2 points juice and a 4 point juice you are in the wrong field.
If you have found a way, then good luck to you!
It took me over a year to learn what I know now about math applied to sports but it takes a lot of time, and also takes to stop doing many other things that are healthier and and involving less risk.
I just wanted to see if some other people with the tools i have had failed too.
Betting is also illegal, you would get a misdeamenor for betting in USA outside las Vegas Nevada if you get caught, so in my case it would be a very risky step since i would have to move to Las Vegas.
A police record would get me out of my job and would be hard to find im addicted to poker machines in my field.
Hey Frank, no problem — sorry if it came across like I was annoyed or something.
Not the case at all.
Hello Julian, I was thinking today about the flat betting, and I found that it could be the way to go without going agaist math, but in this case I would have to bet only when I see a chance of winning over 66 %, in this case I would be limited to a few bets a month but the chances of going broke will be reduced significantly.
And the truth is that finding games with a juice over that are very hard to find.
I have seen only 2 in a year with an 90% or more chances of winning.
One of them in NCAABB where the over and under was set more than 30 points under my prediction.
To go into it hoping that you are one of the 2% that can win is the delusion that sinks just about every sports bettor who entertains that idea.
Lakers were swept casino bonus gold atlantis 4 games.
Thunder blew a 15 point lead.
Bulls did something similar.
Can any system or strategy overcome these events?
Experienced handicappers and impulsive types alike were hit with big losses.
I am not a sports bettor, but I am a compulsive gambler.
I was a card counter that was banned by most every casino in the United States.
Ive owned fancy cars, fancy houses, everything you could imagine, but I had a gambling problem, and could not quit when the count got bad.
I still tried to beat the house, even though I knew the odds were stacked against me.
I cannot stress enough that as good as a gambler you are, if you have a gambling addiction, you will never win, its impossible.
To all of the still suffering compulsive gamblers, say the serenity prayer, take a deep breath, find a GA meeting, and work the program.
Good luck I have been posting here and the administrator manipulates my coments, cutting and leaving whatever he pleases, which proves what a big loser, closed minded he is.
Frank The reason your comments are not being included is because you feel the need to turn this article into your personal forum on gambling, which it is not.
This post was written by me to help others understand the pitfalls of gambling and how difficult it can be to overcome the addiction.
The last thing I want is for anyone to discuss spreads or strategies.
By the way, when I was posting other readers were posting here as well, it was interesting, now this is a dead forum, as dead as your comprehension of the human psicology and freedom of speech.
You are a loser full of hate for been a loser who wants to start a revolution vs the sports betting industry that you could not beat.
Why dont you start a revolution vs the use of cigarrettes, alcohol, guns, junk food, suicide, Aids-related behavior, all this things can kill.
In fact sports betting might help to stay out of all these killers.
Why not to teach proper money management instead of been a hater.
I would add 10% of my salary every month to my active betting money, before I would added to my belly in beers and Mcdonals.
Will I be poor for that?
Besides It inspires me to grow profesionally and work harder, making my 10% higher every year.
I know that you will delete my post again Michael, but who cares?
I forgot what is your last name?
Do you want 10 winner teams in a row?
I bet I can give you 10 winners before you can give me 4.
Really, do you want to help?
Now you just have the people thinking another loser fell from the moon.
By the way have you been able to save 100 000 again?
Was it your mistake to bet at all or not to invest that money in a bussiness and then use the earning to keep betting?
Was it stupid to make that money betting or was it stupid not to invest it in something more safe to be able to keep your addiction going forever instead of becoming a losing hater?.
If you are really angry with my posts you can delete all my posts and I will stop, and I mean all of them.
I will keep this post in my computer so if you delete it without deleting the rest it will come back.
Truth be told: I dont even bet, I just spend 4 to 5 hours a day trying to become read article professional sports bettor, studying, reading books, reading handicappers analysis, thinking.
But yes I can see the juice now and then, but my sample og games with a winning percentage is still under 200 games.
Is it worth to follow my dream?
This forum is too shallow.
I need math to prove me wrong.
I would never go to a casino with the edge on the house but can I have the edge by my side on sports?
I check the stats at work every now and then and I go to sleep at 3 am studying and learning about sports gambling.
The worst thing is that I can help but to keep doing it.
source just want to give you my apologies for my previous posts.
God bless you all.
Proper money management, as you call it, only means you lose your money more slowly.
By sheer randomness, a handicapper can string together a successful season or two, but eventually that same randomness + the structure of the sports betting business will take him out.
A guy can hit 10 winners in a row, but when a streak of 10 losses comes along, which is guaranteed to happen, it has nothing to do with his skill or intelligence.
I still dont know about the money.
But the isolation I already feel it, that is why I keep coming to this forum I think.
But Tony you could also bet on the plus line line +130 or +200, and that makes no difference.
The thing is that I keep winning my predictions and some of my close friends and my wife keep telling me to go for it as they see my results.
But I still think that could be just luck.
I find a good pick after analysing over 30 games so my sample is still very small.
I also check the best handicappers analysis the next day when you can get them for free and most of the time when they lose their picks my system tells me that was a bad pick and when they win my system tell me that was a good one most of the time.
I do know that the guys making the lines are professionals and that they work in teams.
I do not expect to beat this guys.
I dont know if it is true or not.
I have read that 95% of the small bussiness openning nowdays fail.
So I dont have many choices if I want to invest some money.
If you really think you can find value in your picks, getting a winning percent of over 55% just let me know your email or phone number and I will contact you.
You can sell me your picks or take a % of the earning.
I just need some one to filter this picks to reach a higher winning percent.
I hope to know from you soon.
Michael I think that my son is having a gambling problem and a friend told me to try to get my son to switch to stock market or forex trading.
Do you think that this approach could help?
Please some help here.
And even more important what you enjoy doing.
If you are not sure if he is going to lose just leave him along.
As long as he bet his money and not other peoples money, is just money; who cares?
You win and you bet… You lose and you bet.
The only way to win is to win big and loose small.
This too is impossible.
Just watch Casino again Movie.
I think compulsive behavior is not and addiction but an ilness.
If your reading this tell your loved ones and stay away from daily gambling.
Lines are made in a way that you will win 1 and lose 1 even if you bet blindly.
If you really have that stats you could bet a parlay against your own bets and would end up been rich.
Alex 98% of bettors lose money and the 2% making money click that in a full time basis and have many years of experience.
And frequently they lose their capital after many years of winning in a regular basis.
So stop pushing others to bet.
What story is this?
I would keep that stupidity as a secret.
Michael had done itself millionaire probably if had learned of its errors and had followed wagering.
If he could make almost 100 grands by the time he was learning, after 10 years he would be the man.
The consequences are always the same: disastrous.
House edge + randomness will bankrupt you over time.
What do you mean by house edge?.
You can bet 110 to win 100 -110 but you also can bet 100 to win 2000 +2000.
So please dont use this non-sense excuse.
Is it a excuse?.
Yes, you might be eaten by a shark or get killed in a traffic accident.
Will that keep you ous of the beach and away from the road?.
Betting is disastrous mainly if you are addicted to non-sense betting Eric, Betting on sports is disastrous for just about everyone who gets caught up in it.
This is the most powerful comment anyone who bets on sports should see.
The randomness of sports betting and the juice is why sports betting is not beatable in the long run.
No amount of statistics and math could beat randomness.
Sorry John T, you might be right.
At least you are 98% right.
I just hope to be in the other 2%.
Any way the % of rich people in america is 1% and most of them inherited the money or had some kind of help.
So you may say that less than 0.
Sorry for being harsh, just want to discourage everyone from getting involved in sports betting.
My story is shameful.
I was addicted for almost 2 years.
I feel very fortunate to have survived this and hope anyone reading this finds hope.
I hope that all my previous post will be deleted and that Michael story remain as a support for people like me.
I did this to get Michael to prove me I was wrong.
But he just banned me and I kept coming with a different ID.
I havent lost too much money but I have lost at least 2 years learning how difficult is to win in sports betting.
And working is not an option to be rich.
It can be done professionally.
The following sentence SHOULD enlighten you: Just look around Las Vegas, all you see is casinos.
If you cannot gamble for fun, then you need to do everything you can to stay away from it.
Some tips are attending GA meetings and even filing for self exclusion for the state you live in.
Just think of what you could have bought for yourself with the money you lost, not even counting the winnings lost.
Gambling truly is a vicious cycle that will ruin your life for many people.
I think the number of gamblers that are addicted is greatly underestimated.
The house might be beatable on a very short term basis, but you will lose in the long run.
The following sentence SHOULD enlighten you: Just look around Las Vegas, all you see is casinos.
If you cannot gamble for fun, then you need to do everything you can to stay away from it.
Some tips are attending GA meetings and even filing for self exclusion for the state you live in.
Just think of what you could have bought for yourself with the money you lost, not even counting the winnings lost.
Gambling truly is a vicious cycle that will ruin your life for many people.
I think the number of gamblers that are addicted is greatly underestimated.
The house might be beatable on a very short term basis, but you will lose in the long run.
Only one form gambleing thats not gambleing POKER skill.
Time effort put in win big poker could be better spent on a job… I have to have won a decent amount of money £10k + in 1 week, but over the course of a few months have lost it all, and then some of my own money.
Overall end up losing alot more than gaining anything in the long run, and house will almost certainly win.
Only way of winning is if one has a massive bank roll, bet big, win big and then move onto to low stakes or stop.
That is the only real way of winning in gambling.
But luckly i have the will power to overcome this evil i think — the feeling of losing hard earned money just hurts to much which i think is the main motivator to stop and fill your time with other activities.
My evil been live online blackjack.
After losing had some decent size wins, of say 2k, but end up losing all that in one day as the lure of winning more or chasing losses is to much to just withdraw visit web page cash and stop.
Very good mentality understanding of the problem particularly on yourself and secondly the gambling business is the key to stop this evil activities when the urge or impulse comes back just think that the casino will take your hard earned money and they always win make yourself busy with other things and enjoy the company of relatives and friends.
Hi, addiction is addiction no matter how you look at it.
But low and behold i met my husband three years back and started going to the casinos with him.
Eventually i got tired of him losing both our money and decided to start gambling myself.
It got to the point where my lights was getting cut off.
I still gamble but not as bad as i used to.
Need to turn things around for me and my kids.
One day at a time is all i can say.
Know god has something better for me once i release this gambling for good.
Starting next month i promise to start settinng small goals to break the addiction and reward myself and kids for doing so.
Right now i play the free online slots games.
Running my internet and phone bill up but its better than losing large sums of money.
I could not walk away.
It has never worked.
I never became stronger.
Im still as weak as i was on the first bet i ever made.
I will tell you now, losing is the second worst part of gambling.
The worst part is winning.
It was about my will power to fight the urges, and gambling urges are strong.
I have a decent job where I can cover my losses in less than a year and intend save up as much money as I can.
Woops, I clicked enter.
If you win, you will lose harder 4 the joy of winning is outweighed by the agony of defeat.
I have one more bet.
I want them to win bet or no bet but the bet I thought would make it more fun.
Thanks for the story.
Any advice on how to get my mind in the right frame would be awesome.
Thank you for sharing your story.
It really helped me today when I felt im addicted to poker machines with my gambling woes and feeling of the impossibility of quitting.
I know what it fees like to bet 5-10K a game.
You never are satisfied, until you bet higher, or get more of the drug.
It is not that such black and white …they are manipulating computer and network machines.
The games are much tighter these days and with no reason… in fact, I never seen anybody complain at all.
So addiction is due to pressure from casino owners.
I lost my savings to a stranger i met online.
I refused to give up and looked up ways to get my continue reading back.
What can i do?
Nigeria is not a country with places you can go for rehabilitation or financial help.
Business crashed im addicted to poker machines 2017.
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How to overcome slot machine addiction is for someone else to say.. B) I know over time I am going to lose money, I've proved to my own satisfaction its...

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My online gambling addiction ruined my life - RN - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Australia, We Have To Talk About Our Gambling' Gambling is a huge problem in Australia.
Photo: Supplied Source: Whimn Gemma Wilson whimn.
New research has revealed that staggeringly 60% of Australians are gambling every week.
And recent analysis by The Economist has found that in 2016, Australia lost more money gambling per person than any other country in the world.
But Joanne, a former gambling addict from Melbourne, thinks the situation is much more dire and that many Australians are in the grip of a serious addiction.
And she should know.
She got hooked on playing poker machines in her 30's and for ten long years struggled to free herself.
Waleed Aly from The Project talks about Australia's problem gambling addiction In the grip of addiction Joanne's addiction, like so many others, started innocently enough.
Struggling with depression and anxiety, she rarely left the house.
A friend suggested she start playing the poker machines to get her out and about.
But what was a simple social pastime soon here into a im addicted to poker machines addiction.
Afternoons would disappear in gambling rooms im addicted to poker machines pubs and clubs as she fed money in the ravenous machines.
Plans to meet friends were forgotten.
While initially Joanne would pay her rent and bills and then gamble the rest, soon, she was spending most or all of her money on poker machines.
It was only when she was forced to turn to family for financial help that she truly saw the severity of her situation.
When her family found out about her addiction they were shocked, horrified and even disgusted, she says.
Photo: Stocksy Source: Whimn Gambling made easy Joanne initially tried to seek help for her addiction but nothing really seemed to work.
Complicating her recovery were the venues' most of which offer free refreshments slack rules.
They make it far too easy," she says.
She remembers the time one click at this page help program made her go on a self-exclusion list at all the gaming venues she used to frequent.
For the most part having a punt does no harm.
However, some people who are experiencing problems or past trauma may become addicted.
But it was a long road to recovery.
Think about the other things you could be doing with your life.
A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content including ads you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites.

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Addicted to Slot machine..Help me!! 1st of all i am new to this "world". Ive wanted to gamble since i was in high school but my country law ...

Gambling addiction: Symptoms, triggers, and treatment
Valid for casinos
For people with slot machine addiction… – Overcoming problem gambling… – GamCare Forum
Gaming Machines: Facts and Myths

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I ask this because, I am addicted to playing poker. I'm not addicted to gambling. While I've played other casino games such as slots, blackjack, ...

How to Stop Playing Pokies | Casinos & Hotels: Tips and Guidelines
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My online gambling addiction ruined my life - RN - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
im addicted to poker machines

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Most of the time I go to the pub, I already know Im going to lose.... It is not the video slot machines that are addictive; rather, it is the chemicals that are released ...

How I Survived a Gambling Addiction
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As gambling in Australia reaches huge levels, a former addict reveals how she quit
A conversation with Jason: recovering from problem gambling

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The author of Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas (Princeton University Press) is Natasha Dow Schüll, who is a cultural.

Personal stories
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As gambling in Australia reaches huge levels, a former addict reveals how she quit
im addicted to poker machines

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Addicts have to avoid environments that lead to gambling. Stay away from casinos, race tracks, poker games, or anything else that might ...

Carolyn's story - an Australian MP writes about her gambling addiction
Valid for casinos
How I Survived a Gambling Addiction
im addicted to poker machines

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A gambling addiction is a progressive addiction that can have many negative psychological,.. This happens with slot machines, for instance.

++ Gambling: Help and Referral ++
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Pokies have ruined me | New members | Gambling Help Forum : NSW Gambling Help
For many people, gambling is harmless fun, but it can become a problem.
This type of compulsive behavior https://tayorindustry.com/bonus/computicket-montecasino-operating-hours.html often called "problem gambling.
It is classed as an impulse-control disorder.
It is the American Psychiatric Association APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fifth edition DSM-5.
Problem gambling is harmful to psychological and physical health.
People who live with this addiction may experience, distress, intestinal disorders, and other anxiety-related problems.
As with other addictions, the consequences of gambling can lead to feelings of despondency this web page helplessness.
In im addicted to poker machines cases, im addicted to poker machines can lead to attempts at suicide.
The rate of problem gambling has risen globally over the last few years.
In the United States in 2012, around people had a gambling disorder that needed treatment.
Because of its harmful consequences, gambling addiction has become a significant public health concern in many countries.
Gambling addiction comes in many forms, the primary symptom being a craving for gaming.
Some of the signs and symptoms of problem gambling include: Gambling is not a financial problem, but an emotional problem that has financial consequences.
It also impacts the way in which the person with the disorder relates to his or her family and friends.
For instance, they may miss important events in the family, or they might miss work.
Anyone who is concerned about their gambling might ask "Can I stop if I want to?
No one can predict who will im addicted to poker machines an addiction to gambling.
The activity can beranging from abstinence through recreational gambling to problem gambling.
Gambling behavior becomes a problem when it cannot be controlled and when it interferes with finances, relationships, and the workplace.
The individual may not realize they have a problem for some time.
Many people who develop a gambling addiction are considered responsible and dependable people, but some factors can lead to a change in behavior.
Genetic and neurological a role.
Some people who are affected by gambling may also have a problem with alcohol or drugs, possibly due to a predisposition for addiction.
The use of some medications has been linked to of compulsive gambling.
Secondary addictions can also occur in an effort to reduce the negative feelings created by the gambling addiction.
However, some people who gamble never experience https://tayorindustry.com/bonus/vegas-strip-casino-no-deposit-bonus.html other addiction.
Some factors increase the risk.
For someone with a gambling addiction, the feeling of gambling is equivalent to taking a drug or having a drink.
Gambling behavior alters the person's mood and state of mind.
As the person becomes used to this feeling, they keep repeating the behavior, attempting to achieve that same effect.
In other addictions, alcohol, for instance, the person starts developing a tolerance.
An increasing amount of alcohol is necessary for the same "buzz.
A vicious im addicted to poker machines develops, and an increased craving for the activity.
At the same time, the ability to resist drops.
As the craving grows in intensity and frequency, the ability to control the urge to gamble is weakened.
This can have a psychological, personal, physical, social, or professional impact.
Neither the frequency of gambling nor the amount lost will determine whether gambling is a problem for an individual.
Some people engage in periodic gambling binges rather than regularly, but the emotional and financial consequences will be the same.
Gambling becomes a problem read more the person can no longer stop doing it, and when it causes a negative impact on any area of the individual's life.
Behavior therapy helps an individual reduce the urge to gamble by systematically exposing them to the behaviour.
CBT helps change the way in which the individual feels and thinks about gambling.
Some antidepressants may reduce the gambling urge, too.
Narcotic antagonists — drugs used to treat drug addictions — may help some compulsive gamblers.
Casinos and lotteries provide the opportunity to gamble.
A gambling addiction occurs when a person can no longer control the compulsive behavior.
Any type of gambling — whether racing, bingo, card games, dice games, lottery, slots, and sports betting — can become problematic.
However, some types of gambling have particular characteristics that may intensify the problem and the consequences.
Reports indicate that a may be a fast speed of play.
Types of games where there is a short time between placing a bet and seeing the results present a higher risk for players.
This happens with slot machines, for instance.
Increased accessibility, for example, through online gambling, calls for greater awareness and appropriate legislation.
Anyone who provides gambling services has a responsibility to develop policies and programs to address underage and gambling addictions.
Research, treatment, and prevention of problem gambling should be encouraged.
If a person suspects they might have a gambling problem, there are a variety of self-tests available on the internet.
Those tests will not give a diagnosis and do not replace a face-to-face evaluation with a trained clinical professional, but they can help people bonus bears whether to seek formal evaluation of their gambling behavior.
A clinical professional will provide a detailed assessment and develop an adequate treatment plan, based on the individual's needs.
Treatment and assistance may need to address various aspects of the person's life, family, education, financial issues, read more legal problems, and professional situation.
Anyone who suspects that they have a gambling addiction should seek help.
A health provider will be able to refer the person to an appropriate treatment provider.
© 2004-2020 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a Red Ventures Company.
MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media.
Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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Poker machines use a range of design features that leverage psychology to keep people playing. Here, we break them down so you can see ...

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As gambling in Australia reaches huge levels, a former addict reveals how she quit
Photo I rarely ventured into the local TAB — my poison of choice was online gambling.
Getty Images: scyther5 I'm a gambling addict.
My poison of choice was not poker machines, but online gambling.
Racing, the thoroughbreds, the trots, the dogs — I wasn't fussy, so long as I could get a bet on and fuel that addiction.
I would bet until 3:00am, try to sleep for three hours and bet again for another three hours on online racing in the United States.
I always thought the stereotypical gambling addict was a working-class middle-aged man or woman, sitting at their local club, feeding their favourite pokies machine four or five nights a week.
But I rarely ventured into the local TAB.
Betting while the kids were no deposit bonus top game casinos the bath At the zenith of my addiction, I was married with two beautiful im addicted to poker machines children and working as a finance manager at a local council.
When I was with my family, I was physically there — but mentally, I was miles away, thinking about gambling: when I could next bet, where would the money come from, whether I could back a winner.
I placed bets at home, at work, the shops — basically everywhere and anywhere I could get reception on my phone.
I would be walking with the kids and our dog, yet I'd still be trying to place bets.
I would even bet and watch the races on the phone while the kids were in the bath.
A knock at the door I had been thinking about stealing to solve some of my debt problems for months, but I couldn't do it because I knew the consequences would be dire.
Then one evening, I had a visit from two large men with a baseball bat, strongly suggesting it would be in my best interests to repay a sizable debt that was due that week.
They punched me and threatened to use the baseball bat "next time".
I was left bruised and battered from their warning.
It was a source scary moment; I still occasionally have flashbacks and it sends chills through my body.
That night, I made the decision to steal from work.
I felt physically sick and fidgety; my mind wouldn't stop racing.
I knew it was wrong, but I did it — knowing I could one day get caught.
The first time is without a doubt the hardest — but once you've done it, stealing becomes easier.
I had nothing to lose.
That's how I "reasoned" it.
However, stealing became another problem to add to my list.
I was constantly worried about being caught.
When someone knocked on my office door, when I got a phone call, when read more boss called me to a meeting, I was never quite sure.
The fear was slowly killing me, but I couldn't confess, couldn't turn back.
I was on a knife-edge with no solution, no way out.
It was a Monday morning when I was finally caught.
I was called into the CEO's office and they presented me with the overwhelming evidence.
I was caught red-handed, but I still denied it.
I knew my career was over and that jail was not far away.
But at that stage, I had read more small sense of relief.
No more looking over my back.
The lying and deceitfulness could stop.
On the inside When I was caught and sentenced to jail, the gambling addicts I met in the prison system had similar stories to mine.
They were middle-aged, smart, well-educated men from good upbringings, all addicts to racing and not the pokies — certainly not the stereotypical gambling addicts I had imagined.
My addiction cost me everything.
I lost my job, all my material possessions including house, car, everything I owned.
But that pales into insignificance to the lost relationships.
Need help or support?
If gambling is affecting your health and you are feeling anxious or depressed, or if gambling is negatively impacting on your relationships, help and support are available.
During my year in jail, I had enough time to reflect on all the damage it had caused and when I was to be released I knew I couldn't go back to that lifestyle.
You get far too much time im addicted to poker machines reflect in jail.
I was constantly thinking about the kids, but I didn't decide to quit gambling because of them.
I knew if I didn't stop gambling it would kill me.
Get help before it's too late I write this not because I find it a cathartic experience, but because I hope that it helps others to seek help before it's too late.
Or for family and friends of addicts to intervene and offer support.
For people "on the edge" or thinking about committing fraud, the solution is simple: get help.
Seek support before you hit rock bottom.
The help that im addicted to poker machines me the most was from my psychologist, one-on-one extended chats — but for others it may be Gamblers Anonymous.
For the family and friends of addicts: please don't give up on them, it's a horrendous disease and they need all the support you can give.
Life in 2017 is certainly not perfect, but it's a damn sight better than it has been.
I've got regular access to my children, I'm rebuilding lost relationships, I've found some temporary work — and I haven't had a bet since 2014.