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My question is that for Double deck and using the KO system,. Starting at 0 and shifting your index numbers is exactly the same;.. Your graph is appreciated although im no 100% sure what im suppose to be focusing on.

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Ko Blackjack Strategy Chart
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The only application you need to master both Basic Strategy and Card Counting. Blackjack All-In-One Trainer has 3 modes; Play, Train and Simulate. Reduce ...

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Ko Blackjack Strategy Chart
In Sklansky Talks Blackjack, noted gambling authority David Sklansky attempts to provide a substantive work that meets the needs of the neophyte card counter.
Sklansky Talks Blackjack starts with an explanation of why card counting works and a general description of how the game ko blackjack indexes chart Blackjack is played https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/free-blackjack-multiple-hands.html the modern casino.
It's all pretty straightforward and well written, but nothing we haven't seen before.
He also explains how to count, using the familiar Hi-Low as his system, and makes some suggestions on how the beginner should go about becoming proficient with this system.
The second chapter is where the action is.
Sklansky devotes a couple pages to each player hand total explaining both basic strategy and variations from basic ko blackjack indexes chart as the count changes.
The novelty of Sklansky's ko blackjack indexes chart is that he does this with no charts, only with a conversational explanation, hence the title of the book.
This seems to work fairly well, although certainly charts are far more compact and, therefore, more efficient.
However, a not insubstantial number of people will probably find Sklansky's technique easier to comprehend.
Besides presenting the strategy, Sklansky ko blackjack indexes chart tries to motivate the reasons why a particular play is made and why deviations from it are appropriate at various count levels.
Sklansky gives up a little in precision here, dealing with basic strategy deviations at small and large positive and negative counts rather than at particular values.
This is easier for the beginner to understand without giving up a great deal in expectation.
The third chapter covers basic casino comportment here.
Not a lot of new ideas are covered, but there were one or two that visit web page interesting that I haven't heard before.
He then provides an even more basic presentation of how the mechanics of casino Blackjack work, including hand and card signals to indicate to the dealer how players intends to play their hand.
Finally, Sklansky gives us a brief set of other references the reader may wish to consult.
It should come as no surprise to readers familiar with other Sklansky works that his explanations are clear, concise, and accurate.
Sklansky certainly achieves his goal of providing a high quality introduction to card counting at Blackjack without the use of charts.
Therefore, I definitely recommend it to its target audience.
Even though there are a couple of tidbits of information that everyone may not have been completely familiar with, I don't think there's enough new here to make it worth the investment for the experienced card counter.
Overall, I'd have to rank this as my second favorite book for the beginning Blackjack card counter after Vancura and Fuchs' KO Blackjack.
Sklansky Talks Blackjack is certainly a good work of comparable quality, and I'd give it an even more ko blackjack indexes chart endorsement for those folks who think they're likely to have difficulty memorizing Blackjack strategy charts.
Capsule: A ko blackjack indexes chart good introductory book on card counting at Blackjack.
I think it's one of the best books for the rank novice, especially for those people who have trouble memorizing tables and think more verbally.
Those folks who are already familiar with a card counting system aren't as likely to find this book worth their while.
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First of all, the indices are shown below in the table for the Wong Halves count. The chart shows the count points assigned to each card in the deck. This count ...

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FRED RENZEYS' KISS III COUNT - HitorStand Blackjack Message Board
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You have to put your money on the table — at risk — if you want to win.. I adapted the KO system so I don't have to deal with negative numbers and I use 18.

Ko Blackjack Strategy Chart
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Top Blackjack Card Counting Systems - Learn the Omega II System
ko blackjack indexes chart

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Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart: Universal Strategy for all Decks and Rules by. Read "The Color of Blackjack" and gain an understanding of true-counting KO.

FRED RENZEYS' KISS III COUNT - HitorStand Blackjack Message Board
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FRED RENZEYS' KISS III COUNT - HitorStand Blackjack Message Board
It does my heart good.
There are a growing number of satisfied KISS II and III users.
I especially like the Mentor Count that was presented.
Check the discard tray And the TC ko blackjack indexes chart "1" between a count of 17 to 21.
The BBII betting strategy table shows minimum bet of 1 unit at 19 and max bet of 10 units at 23+.
The ramp seems very steep.
Other books I've read suggest max bets are made only when the TC is much higher than 3.
At a TC of 3 the % advantage is only 1%.
How is it going?
I'm not doing very well, at high counts, over 23, I seem to lose more than I ever win!
I think this is covered in Fred's book, but do you know how KISS III compares to Hi-Low in EV?
I am pretty new to counting and would like to step up my game.
I think an unbalanced count is the way for me right now.
I do have a question regarding the advantage strategy index numbers and https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/10000-blackjack.html surrender chart.
I'm assuming that these charts were developed for a S17 game but my game is H17 with Late Surrender.
Does H17 affect the index numbers or the surrender numbers?
The betting ramp in Bluebook II is steeper than most because it recommends a 1-to-10 spread rather than the more typical 1-to-12.
KISS used the 21 indices from page 155.
KO used the "Full Matrix" version with 21 individual indices rather than the simpler, more popular "KO Preferred" which would've done a bit worse.
Also, keep in mind that pages 172 thru 177 of the Bluebook detail various refinements for KISS which will bring its performance up to around +.
In H17 shoe games, 15 vs.
A becomes '13' and 16 vs.
A both come into play with an index number of '12'.
Finally, doubling down with 11 vs.
A becomes '11' rather than '20'.
I like it, but want to move ko blackjack indexes chart to use a more precise True Count for the various indexes.
I have stayed with II rather than III because I want a higher correlation of my play %, rather than the big bets % correlation.
A lot of BJ books use the true count as they develop the indexes for play and betting.
Would you post the true count vs.
I understand that KISS 22 is always TC of 2.
I have used the following formula for converting KISS II to True Count.
The running count is true check this out times decks left.
If possible please post a table with conversions or a formula to calculate them.
Thank you, I have used your book as a bible for BJ and want to expand my knowledge.
You'll virtually never see this only one deck into the shoe, so let's look at it two decks in.
Now for a major point.
KISS and Red 7 do this more accurately than KO.
The sticky thing about KISS and Red 7 is that you have to distinguish between certain red and black cards.
Still, well designed unbalanced counts tend to lose only about.
Wanting to recoup all that by true count converting your unbalanced count would be, it seems to me, defeating their original purpose.
That's why I included the "True Fudging" section on page 172 of the Bluebook.
It really becomes quite simple.
A very significant example is the Insurance index number of '25' the same index number is also used for doubling with 8 vs.
The upshot of it all is to live casino blackjack biggest win know that '25' is your Insurance index number -- then that you should "fudge" that required number one point upward to '26' if it's early in the shoe and fudge it downward one point to '24" if your'e late in the shoe.
Near mid-shoe, '25' is just fine.
Doing this is virtually as accurate as true count converting a balanced system once you boil out the ko blackjack indexes chart residue from "estimating" the decks in the discard tray and "rounding off" your multiplication or division.
By being familiar with how much to "fudge", you know from previous calculation that you're going to be pratically "dead nuts on" throughout the shoe.
Indices from '24' to '26' should be fudged exactly as described.
And indices of '27' or higher need to be fudged two points upward early in the shoe two decks injust one point upward rather eraly say 2.
All this is spelled out in more detail in the book.
By the way, the same kind of fudging should be done for bet sizing.
Due to the fact that these will always involve a 1 unit bet, it's a minor point -- EXCEPT for 16 against a 10.
But that's actually a piece of cake.
If it's at all above normal, stand incidentally, you can play 12 vs.
Even though I've been playing the balanced Wong Halves Count since 1980, I have come to see that all that complexity is overkill.
I occasionally play the KISS III with fudging just for yuks and it's so-o-o-o- much smoother.
Works just ko blackjack indexes chart too.
Wherever ther'e a smiley face, it should be the number '8'.
Renzey- Thanks for your reply updating the surrender indices for 6-deck, Hit 17, DAS.
I'm surprised that there is only one update to the non-surrender indices.
You updated the 11 v A index so that we double at '11' or higher.
According to basic strategy I'm to double all 11 vs A at all times.
I just want to make sure I'm interpreting things correctly before committing the table of index numbers to memory.
Finally, there are a few conflicting numbers that are causing me some trouble.
Does surrender take priority over the other advantage index numbers?
For example 15 v 10.
And basic strategy says to always surrender 15 v 10 except when it is composed of 7-8 according to the Wizzard of Odds, then just hit.
I neglected to mention these in my last post since I've not dealt with them before and am computing them on the fly.
Remember though, "constant" indices for unbalanced counts are merely all around compromises.
Following the index number of "13", you wouldn't double -- technically a mistake.
Problem is, if you index number was "10', you'd be doubling later in the shoe when you shouldn't be.
When you've got a made hand, I think it's better to err on the side of standing rather than erring with a double.
The actual count ko blackjack indexes chart make both these doubles at is -0.
So you would never have to think about whether to stand or hit with 15 vs.
I'll review the numbers.
I think I must agree, perhaps the small extra gain is not worth the extra effort it requires.
But I wanted to review other index plays when the TC was other than 2.
They are straight forward and have ramps that are logical.
Thus you don't need to memorize lots of numbers, just a few key numbers and a feel for the value of the ramps.
Anyone using the KISS count system should do the exercise of developing the table.
It helps to understand the rational behind the system and gives confidence to the unbalanced approach.
I"m going to make some flash cards right ko blackjack indexes chart />I'm going to try laying out each hand with actual cards and then take a digital photo.
Then I'm going to take a picture with the index number printed below.
Then I'll just run through the pictures using a slideshow on my computer.
Do you have any idea at what count one might play the Lucky Ladies side bet?
Would the number be different for KISS II vs KISS III?
The GameMaster says that the Lucky Ladies sidebet is even at 6.
Using the table below, it seems that the Lucky Ladies index should be about '30'.
Let me know if I'm out to lunch with these calculations.
True Count At various decks remaining from 6 decks RC 5 4 3 2 1.
First glance they look good.
The table is easier to construct, review and use if the left column is the True Count and the top row is decks played rather than decks remaining, decks played you can look at the discard tray and use the value directly Then the numbers inside the table are the KISS running counts.
Also since the key TC numbes are only "0" and less, 1, 1.
Thanks Fred for answering our questions on this forum.
I'm sure I'll have a couple.
Just some minor rounding differences.
Hope Fred also agrees.
I'm still working on my KISS counting and it is getting better all the time.
Columns are Decks played 1 to 5 First Column is True Count Table numbers are KISS II values TC 1 2 3 4 5 0.
You can split or double, and if the dealer gives himself a natural when he deals his hole card, you can lose both bets.
Has anyone elso attached the KISS III strategy to this program?
I think my problem lies in the GROUPS section.
So forget about doubling 11 vs.
Insurance and even money are the same bet, so if you can 21 subtitulada ver blackjack online insure when you have blackjack -- then '25' is the number to start doing it at.
The confusing, low index numbers for standing with stiffs vs.
But if your count drops below '7', then hit it.
It looks like you're new here.
If ko blackjack indexes chart want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

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Learn Card Counting in Blackjack by Blackjack Instructor
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Blackjack Card Counting - Publicações | Facebook
Variations: 1:6, 1:12, etc.
Variations: 1D, 2D, etc 86'd An abbreviation for kicked out of a casino with the threat of being arrested if you return A A Short for an Ace.
An ace adjustment is commonly used to vary strategy and bets based upon both the main count and the number of aces counted.
Ace Neutral Count Any counting system which does not assign a value to aces.
Ace Poor A point where less aces than normal expectation would dictate have been dealt.
The deck, pack or shoe is then considered to be ace poor.
Ace Reckoned Count Any counting system which includes aces as a part of the main count.
For example, hi-lo is an ace reckoned count, but Hi-Opt I is not.
Ace Rich Whenever there are more aces in the deck, pack or shoe than normal expectation would dictate.
Ace Side Count An additional count of the Aces that have been played.
Act Your act is the persona you portray in a casino, what you do to make the people watching you think you are a gambler and a loser.
It is a balanced count which assigns the values of plus one to 2s, 3s and 7s, plus two to 4s,5s and 6s, minus one to 9s and minus two to ten valued cards.
Advantage Player's or more rarely the casino's expected rate of win or loss, usually given as a percentage of total money put into action.
A player may be said to have a 1% advantage in a certain game.
This means that the player can expect to have a 1% return on all of the money bet in that game.
Advantage Player A player that is genenerally considered a professional as he is not likely to play games that he does not have the advantage.
Concept extend beyond blackjack and include a wide range of games.
If you are new to Blackjack you may want to avoid this position.
Other players will sometimes blame the anchorman for giving the dealer an advantage by not hitting or standing in the same way they would.
If you're card counting, this is the best place to sit.
AO Ii An abbreviation for the Advanced Omega II System APC The acronym for Advanced Point Count, a counting system associated with Ken Uston.
Apron Small half-circle of heavy cloth imprinted with the casino name and logo, worn around the waist.
The function is to cover the pockets so no chips can be stolen and to protect the dealers clothes from wearing out as they rub against the table.
AS The acronym for Arnold Snyder, author and publisher.
Audition A "try out" at a gaming table in a casino where a dealer must exhibit his or her dealing skill and sophistication to the management before being hired.
B Back Counting Counting cards while standing behind the players at a table and not playing.
This technique is particularly useful with multiple-deck shoes.
Back Off To ask a player to not play Blackjack.
This occurs when casino personnel, usually a manager or a pit boss asks a blackjack player to no longer play the game of blackjack in that casino.
It can also refer to less harsh anti counter measures, such as restricting a player to flat betting or a very small bet spread, such as a 1-2 spread.
Bak An abbreviation for Back At the Keyboard, used during chat.
Balanced Count Any counting system which has an exact balance between plus cards and minus cards.
A card counting system is balanced when the sum of the card point values for the whole deck is equal to 0.
An unbalanced count is when the sum of the point values is anything other than 0.
Balanced counts include Hi-Low, Halves, Zen etc.
Unbalanced counts include Red 7, K-O and Uston's Unbalanced Zen count.
It can also refer to a single player's bankroll.
Bankroll The amount of money a player sets aside for gambling purposes.
It can be expressed as the player's overall bankroll for the total amount of play or a session bankroll, which is the amount of money a player is prepared to bet in any individual gaming session.
Another expression of bankroll often used is a player's trip bankroll, which is the amount of money a player is willing to wager during a single trip to a casino or to a gambling venue.
visit web page people are "barred" from the whole casino.
Does not necessarily imply cheating or illegal activity.
Not legal in Atlantic Ko blackjack indexes chart />Barber Pole A bet consisting of varying colors of chips.
Barge An abbreviation for Big August Rec.
Gambling Excursion in Las Vegas.
Basic Strategy A playing system defining the optimum play for any given situation.
A set of rules that enables one to obtain the best possible advantage for a neutral deck situation using https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/casino-dealer-rules-blackjack.html given set of rules.
Also called the "Zero-memory strategy" or just "Basic".
Playing perfect basic click to see more gives the casino between 0.
If the rules or number of decks are changed, the basic strategy is also likely to change.
Basic strategy is not based upon the count, but rather upon the total of the player's hand and the dealer's up card.
BCA The acronym for a software program called Blackjack Count Analyzer Be The acronym for Betting Efficiency.
Beef An argument with a customer or a boss, a complaint.
Bet Sizing A system of varying one's bets according to the advantage that he has in a given situation.
Bet Spread A reference to the amount of a player's minimum bet and maximum bet while playing blackjack.
A 1-4 spread would mean the player's maximum bet is four times the size of the player's minimum bet.
If a player spreads to two hands, the bet spread may be described as 1 - 2X4, which would mean one hand at one unit to two hands of four units each.
It is usually expressed as a decimal, such as 0.
This would mean that a count with a 0.
In other words, how well a card counting system can exploit the favor ability in the deck when using a fixed playing strategy.
Betting efficiency is typically measured on a scale between 0.
Betting Handle The total amount of money that a player bets during a session or more extended period of time Betting Limits Establishes the minimum and maximum amounts that can be wagered on one bet.
If a player sizes his bets between one and ten units, then his betting spread is one to 10.
Betting True Count The value of the true count, adjusted to reflect the number of aces, rich or poor.
Bettor A customer who places wagers at any of the casino gaming tables.
A counter at a table keeps track of the count and secretly signals the big player when the count is high enough for the big player to enter the game and make a large bet or series of bets.
The Big Player is signaled to come to a table by a sub-ordinate member of the team who has been placing minimum bets and counting down the deck.
When the count is very positive, the Big Player or "BP" will come to the table and place maximum bets until the deck returns to a neutral of negative condition.
Big Six The large, vertical wheel of fortune type apparatus normally set near the main entrance of a casino.
Biometrica Casino Information Database Module The Casino Information Database CID module gives you access to an extensive database of active professional advantage players, slot and table game cheats along with known associatesState exclusion lists, gaming scams and cheating devices.
The CID database is instantly searchable by a variety of criteria increasing the efficiency of identifying casino undesirables.
Biometrica actively collects information from multiple sources and provides daily database updates via the Internet to quickly distribute the most recently collected information and intelligence.
BJF An abbreviation for Black Jack Forum, Arnold Snyder's newsletter.
BJFB An abbreviation for Bryce Carlson's book entitled Black Jack For Blood.
It consists of white shirt or blouse, black trousers or pants, and black shoes.
Blackjack Table The Blackjack table typically has between 5 and 7 playing places.
The position to the leftmost side of the table closest to the Dealer typically is referred to as the First Baseman.
Blow it To lose a bet for the dealers.
One visit web page some casino's do not allow the dealer to look under a 10-value card for a Blackjack is that the dealer may inadvertently give information about the value of the hole card to an astute player i.
Payoffs for bonuses are very high - but mostly do not affect significantly, if at all, the house advantage.
Book the Action To accept a bet for play.
Borderline Hand One which the correct decision is very marginal in value.
Box the Cards Part of the shuffling procedure where portions of 5-12 cards are taken off the top of the deck and set down on the table in order to rearrange the deck.
Also "box shuffle" and "strip the cards.
It is usually treated as if it were non-existent in the sequence as the cards come out of the deck.
BP The acronym for a Big Player in a team effort.
Practicing the procedure over and over until it ingrained in your mind will prevent this condition.
Also called "Bust" or "Go over".
Usually a period of 20-30 minutes during which a dealer may eat, smoke, use the restroom, etc.
Break Down the Bet To separate a stack of chips into individual piles by color.
Break Down the Deck To shuffle the cards.
Break it Down To place chips into countable piles or to separate them into colors.
Breaking Hand A hand that will go over 21 with a one-card draw, such as 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16.
Also called a "stiff hand.
BS The acronym for Basic Strategy.
BTD The acronym for Beat The Dealer by Ed Thorp.
Btw The acronym for By The Way.
Bump into To push a larger stack of chips into a smaller stack of chips and take the excess off so that the stacks are equal.
The proper way to pay a Blackjack is to break down the bet into two stacks and bump into it three times.
Also "Cut into" or "Size into".
Burn The dealer's act of removing the first or more cards after the shuffle and placing the card s in the discard pile or at the bottom of the deck.
Burn Joint Slang for casino with nearly unbeatable rules.
This card is discarded "burned".
The card may or may not be shown face up which can affect the count if you are counting cards.
It is procedure to burn a card when you are relieved to go on break.
In hand-held games it is never shown.
In multi-deck games it may be shown on request at some casinos.
Bust Card The bust cards are 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and usually refer to the dealer's up card.
If the dealer has to take a hit on hard totals of 12-16 there is a chance he'll go bust.
Of course the odds get progressively better from the 2 to the 6 poker blackjack there are progressively more cards that will bust him.
Bust-Out Dealer A dealer who cheats for the casino.
Bust-Out Joint A casino that cheats to survive.
You cannot go bust on the initial deal.
If you go bust you always loose, even if the dealer ends up busted as well.
When the dealer busts, all players who have a valid playing hand hand total not exceeding 21 automatically win.
Also "Go over" or "break.
Button Marker Button A laminated plastic disk with a white number painted on it used to keep track of markers.
Buy-in To exchange cash money for chips.
Buzz To hustle or ask for a bet for the dealer.
C Call Bet A bet made without money or chips.
Must be approved by a floor person or pit boss.
Usually allowed only for customers with casino ko blackjack indexes chart already approved, or with money on deposit in the casino cage.
This procedure is highly irregular and may be illegal in some states.
Call for Insurance To announce that the dealer has an Ace showing and pause to allow the players make an insurance bet, then the dealer will check the hole card and if it is a 10-value card the and is over and the bets and side bets are settled, if it is not, the side bets are collected and the play of the hand continues.
Camouflage An action which is intended to hide the fact that a player is counting cards.
Easy to detect with video surveillance.
Card Counter A person who card counts by assigning numerical values to the cards see Card Counting Card Counting A method of keeping track of the cards by assigning a value to certain cards in the deck to determine if the remaining cards in a deck or shoe favor the player or the dealer.
For example, the hi-lo counting system assigns a value of plus one to cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and minus one to tens, jacks,queens, kings and aces.
Hi-lo is the most widely used system.
There are many system as indicated in the chart: Card Down An announcement to the floor person that a card has gone off the table.
A dealer never reaches down to pick up a card, as that would expose their tray to stealing.
Card Eating Using up cards quickly.
A player may spread to more than one hand to accomplish this.
For example, if the count is low, a player may spread to two or three hands at a minimum bet to hasten the shuffle.
Carpet Joint A colloquialism for an upscale casino, derived from the days when many casinos did not have carpet.
If a casino had carpeted floors, it was considered to be an indication that it was a fancier place than the usual.
Carpet Source A higher class casino than a "sawdust joint", because it has carpet on the floor.
Case Bet A bet with the player.
Case Card The last card of a denomination left in the deck.
Usually used as a poker term.
Cashier A person who works in the cage who handles monetary transactions with players.
It is similar to what a bank teller would do in a bank.
Casing the Layout Taking a brief look at the bets on the table prior to starting to deal the cards.
Take particular note of the bets on first and third base because they are the most likely to be pinched or capped.
If a player has been betting every hand and is still present at the table but doesn't have a bet in his circle, it is a dealer courtesy to bring his attention back to the table and confirm whether he desires to bet or not.
Casino A building in which legalized gambling is the main source of income to the management.
There are many euphemisms for casino such as: "house," "store," "shop," etc.
Casino Host A casino employee who is responsible for dealing with casino patrons and answering queries about casino comps and other amenities.
For example, if a rated player professional were to call a casino to make hotel reservations, he would ask to speak to a casino host in order to get a casino rate or a room comp.
Casino Manager The person who manages all phases of the casino operations.
To catch "heat" is to get reprimanded by a superior for an infraction of casino policy.
To catch a card is to get a hit card that is either good or bad.
The acronym for Card Counting.
The acronym for Circus Circus, a casino.
Does NOT include card counting or capitalizing on house errors.
Check Money Down An expression used by a dealer to inform the floor person that a chip has fallen on the floor, a situation, which requires his immediate attention.
Checks Round, flat objects used by casinos to represent money.
Several reasons casino's insist on using chips are: 1.
Checks Play A term often used by dealers to notify the pit boss that a player has made a significantly large bet.
The amount of a bet that will trigger such a response varies wildly from casino to casino.
Chip Runner A person who carries chips from the cage to the table.
Chips These are tokens that the Casino uses, in place of cash, to represent a certain monetary value for making bets.
You buy chips at the table.
You cash chips in at the Cashier's Cage.
Players exchange cash for chips at the tables and then cash-in their chips at the cashier's cage.
Chunking When the dealer wins the bets of several or all of the players and collects the bets by just stacking them together in one hand, rather than collecting each bet separately, before returning the chips to the tray.
Circle The place on the layout where the player must place his or bet for it to be valid.
Also, "betting circle" or "square.
Clerk Slang term used for a dealer.
Like a clerk in a store.
Usually a competent and efficient dealer.
Opposite of a '"Lumpy dealer.
Cards of the same value, massed together in the shoe 2.
Card Clumpers look at what cards have come out of the current shoe and, based on this information, predict read guess the denomination of the next card s to be dealt from the current shoe.
Clumping is not a way to get an edge over the casino.
Clumping is not the same as shuffle tracking.
Cm The acronym for Chinese Mafia, an expression used by Atlantic City locals to describe slot fleas.
Cocktail Waitress Casino employees who distribute free mind-altering beverages to blackjack players.
Cold Term used to describe a blackjack in using math cycle of hands.
Cold Twenty Turkey Read article 10-value cards as a starting hand.
Color for Color The proper pay-out procedure for a dealer to pay a stack of multi-colored chips.
It is faster, has less chance of a mistake, and is easier to verify by the floor person or eye-in-the-sky.
Color Up To exchange many smaller denomination chips for a few large denomination chips.
This is done as a player is preparing to leave and he may have too many chips to handle easily.
Comdex A huge computer convention that uses up all the hotel rooms in Las Vegas, sending room rates sky-high.
Avoid Las Vegas during Comdex.
Comp "Comps" refers to complimentary services and goods that are offered by the casino, a complimentary gift given by a casino to encourage and reward play.
Comps can range from the most common, free drinks while playing, to meals, rooms, trips to resort locations and tickets to the Super Bowl.
Complimentary "On the House".
Composition Dependent Strategy Similar to basic strategy, but the proper play is based upon the exact cards dealt to the player rather than just the total of the player's hand.
It is most commonly used for single deck games.
One example of a composition dependent strategy would be doubling down on a player's hand of 5,3 or 4,4 versus a dealer's 5 or 6 in a single deck game but not doubling on a 6,2, even though all three of the player's hands would total 8.
Convert To break down the bet and then pay using higher denomination checks.
Extremely profitable for the cheaters if they can pull it off and a most serious felony for everyone involved.
Cop Palming a chip off the top of a stack of chips to cop a chip.
To put a value on each card other than face value and to keep a running total of that value as an aid in betting and playing the cards.
An inventory of the chips in a dealer's tray usually at the end of the shift or when the drop boxes are changed.
Count Down To put the chips in your tray into regulation size stacks 20 chips is a stack so the floor person can count them without interfering with the play of click game.
Count Down the Deck Systematically remembering what cards have been played so that you know what is left in the deck.
Counter A player who uses a counting system to keep track of the cards played in order to determine whether the deck is favorable or unfavorable to the player.
Counting System First Level: A counting system in which the cards are given point counts of +1, -1, or 0 as they are dealt.
Multi-Parameter: A counting system which assigns values to the cards which a greater than or less than +1 or -1.
Coupon Promotional material given for free by a casino in order to attract customers.
Coupons entitle the player to certain amenities like free dinner for 2 or special and favorable rules at games like getting 2-1 payoff in case of a natural.
Coupons are given to the player in order to entice him to the casino, while comps are given after he plays there.
Couponomy The wise and most advantageous use of coupons, so that the player extracts maximum value from them.
A term coined by Peter Griffin but which came of age through its use by Las Vegas Advisor publisher Anthony Curtis.
Co-Variance In Blackjack it is the effect on Variance when playing multiple spots per round.
Calculated as: Cover The use of various camouflage techniques to disguise the act of counting.
It could include anything from the use of the wrong playing strategy or apparently improper bet sizing to very sophisticated maneuvers designed to fool casino personnel who may be attempting to discover whether or not a player is counting cards.
Used by counters to disguise the fact that they are counters from casino personnel, such as "cover bet" and "cover plays".
Cover Bet A bet made by a "counter" in an attempt to mislead the floor person into believing the player is a novice.
Cover Play To play a hand in such a way that you will mislead the floor person into believing house edge deck blackjack single are not a counter when you are, in fact, counting.
Cover the Bet To accept a bet for play.
Cp The acronym for Caesars Palace, a casino.
Credit Line An amount of credit established for a player at a given casino.
A player with a credit line can take a marker for any amount of money up to the amount established in his credit line and use it to purchase chips at the tables.
The player is normally expected to repay the marker before the end of his visit to that casino.
stand split hit blackjack credit line can be established in advance of a casino visit in much the same fashion that a loan tips on blackjack betting a bank would be obtained.
Crimp To put a bend in the cards in order to mark them for the purpose of cheating.
Critter See Pit critter.
Cross Roader Term for a professional card cheat.
Also "cheat", "hustler", "con man" or "scam artist".
Croupier A French word for dealer.
Csm The acronym for Continuous Shuffling Machine.
A machine that mixes used cards back into see more pack continuously instead of keeping them aside round after round to be shuffled all at once.
Intended to identify money laundering for illegal activities.
Cts The acronym for Casino Tournament Strategy, book by Stanford Wong.
Cut To divide a deck into two parts after the dealer shuffles the cards.
Generally, this is done by a player.
The dealer then takes the two parts and reverses them, front to back.
In most casinos, the cut is made by inserting a plastic card known as the cut card into the deck or the pack.
Cut Card A solid colored card typically a piece of plastic which is given to a player by the dealer for the purpose of cutting the deck s after a shuffle and then is used by the dealer to mark the last hand to be dealt from the deck by placing it near the end of the deck in the shoe.
When it comes out of the shoe, the dealer announces, "Last hand out of this shoe.
There is also the drop cut method as used mostly in dealing Craps.
Cut into To put a stack of chips next to a smaller stack and take the excess off so that both stacks are equal.
Also "bump into" or "size into".
Cut the Deck After a dealer has shuffled a deck, it must be cut in two by a player and the first card s must be burned before a hand may be dealt to insure the integrity of the game.
The dealer will usually rotate the player to cut from left to right.
Cut Tokes To divide the tokes made by the dealers in an equitable manner.
Cut-Off s Cards The cards behind the cut card in the shoe that are remaining when the dealer starts the shuffle sequence.
When the cut card is out, the dealer will deal out of the cutoffs as many cards are necessary to finish the round and then he'll shuffle.
Cv An abbreviation used for a software blackjack program designed by Norm Wattenberger known as Casino Verite.
Cvsim An abbreviation for a refinement of the Casino Verite software program that allows a person to simulate the play of blackjack on a computer at high speed, thus enabling one to obtain the results of millions or even billions of hands of play.
Cw An abbreviation for Cocktail Waitress.
D D'alembert A betting progression.
It is a system where the bettor raises the bet one unit after each loss and lowers the bet one unit after each win.
A series of numbers equidistant from one another is established, such as 1, 2, 3, 4.
The player starts out by betting 1 unit.
If he wins, he continues to bet one unit.
If he loses, he cancels out the 1 and moves to the 2 and adds one unit to the last number, now having a series of 2, 3, 4, 5.
At any point in the series where the player wins his bet, he reduces his bet by one unit.
If he wins enough bets to return to a one unit bet, he starts over.
If he loses during the series,he cancels out the last number he played and adds another number to the series.
This system has many variations.
It has never been proven to win, and in fact, cannot win in any game with a negative expectation.
Da or Da2 Abbreviations for double down on any first two cards.
Das An abbreviation for a rule that allows the player to double after splits.
See double after split.
Daub A paste or fluid used to mark cards for the purpose of cheating.
Day Shift Casino workers on day shift generally start at 10 AM, but may start a couple of hours earlier or later than that.
Days A work shift usually starting between 8:00 a.
An abbreviation commonly used by posters to describe a Double-Deck game.
The acronym for Double Down.
De The acronym for Double Exposure, a variety of blackjack in which both dealer cards are dealt face up and ties lose.
Dead No action or very slow activity.
Deal Around To deliberately not give cards to a player even though he has a bet in place.
Dealer School A tuition-charging training facility which teaches students the theory, standard methods, and rudimentary practice of dealing one or more of the games offered by a typical casino.
Dealing Seconds A method of cheating in which the dealer peeks at the card on the top of the deck and deals the second from the top if the first is beneficial to the player.
The use of the shoe virtually eliminates the possibility of dealing seconds.
The option you are given on your particular turn.
Play decisions include hitting, doubling down, standing, splitting,insuring and surrendering 2.
A ruling by a floor person or supervisor when an error in procedure has occurred at a gaming table Deck 52 playing cards, the same as is used in poker.
Commonly, blackjack players refer to a deck when discussing a single deck game.
If a game uses more than one deck, but is still handheld by the dealer, such as a two deck game, the cards are often referred to as a pack.
Deck Penetration Used to quantify the location of the cut card in a given blackjack game.
Sometimes expressed as a percentage, "This shoe has a 75% penetration.
Also expressed as "The shoe has 1.
Deck Stacking A method of cheating in which cards favorable to the player are clumped at the end of the deck or shoe thus removing them from play.
Def An abbreviation for defenestrate, which means to be thrown out of a window.
If you are accidentally kicked out of chat, you have been defenestrated.
Delivery Method of getting cards to the players.
It is dependent upon the player seeing as many cards as possible, counting them using a counting system and making strategy variations based upon the count.
In order to be successful, this method of play requires a count with a high playing efficiency and a deeply dealt single deck game.
Designated Shuffler The designated shuffler will shuffle the cards on a small area attached to the back of como ganar casino blackjack blackjack table while the dealer deals from the one in use on the table.
A method of speeding up the game of Blackjack by using two sets of cards at a table one in play and one on the side.
Desirability Index A term coined by Don Schlesinger click to see more his book Blackjack Attack.
It is a number derived by dividing the win rate by the standard deviation for the particular game being examined and multiplying the result by 100.
The lowest desirability index number given in Schlesinger's book is -0.
The higher the number, the better the game.
In general terms, a player would look for a desirability index of 6.
Deuce An expression used for a card numbered two 2 Deviation In the context of blackjack card counting, it refers to a True Count number at which the player will deviate from basic strategy.
Also known as "index".
Device "computers" or any other calculating or note taking instrument that can be used by players.
Casinos are using "devices" i.
You cannot use a device to play Blackjack in Nevada by law.
Also in most other places, in the US and abroad.
The definition of "device" has not been determined exactly through legal precedent.
The acronym for "Desirability Index".
The acronym for Desert Inn, a Las Vegas casino.
It is used to store the discards until they are ready to be re-shuffled.
Red plastic is commonly used so that any marks on the cards will be amplified enough to be noticed by the floor man.
Discards The cards which have already been played since the last shuffle.
They are placed by the dealer in a discard tray on the left side of the table from the player's perspective.
Doa Double Only Any Two Cards Casino rules that allow for doubling on any two playing cards.
Double after Split Das Casino rules that allow doubling down after the players has split any pair.
Double Deck A form of 21 where two decks are shuffled together and dealt out of the hand.
The forms of 21 are: single deck, double deck, and four, six, or eight deck shoe.
Once a player doubles down, the player may receive only one more card.
Usually, but not always, a player may only double down after receiving the first two cards.
Occasionally, a casino may allow players to double down after receiving three or more cards.
Normally, the player places a bet equal ko blackjack indexes chart the size of the original bet next to the original bet in the betting square to let the dealer know he wishes to double down.
He does this by placing an amount which may be less than, or equal to but may not exceed the original stake, behind his initial bet.
In some casinos the player may double down after splitting and in some casinos the player may only double on 10 or 11.
The blackjack chart tells you when this is a good idea.
For example, if you have a hard 10 and the dealer's up card is a bust card, let's say a 5,you would want to double down.
You have a good chance of drawing an 8, 9, or 10, which is a hard hand for the dealer to beat.
And there's an equally good chance that the dealer will go bust.
A player may "Double Down" on any two cards click at this page "Blackjack".
If the dealer gets a "Blackjack", only the original bet will lose.
If the player is playing in a game where the cards are held by the players, he places his cards face up in front of the betting square and the dealer places a third card either face-down under the player's bet or face up on the player's existing cards, usually at an angle opposite to the cards already in play.
Double Exposure 21 A blackjack game in which both dealer cards are shown to the player before he plays his hand.
Other house rules are usually changed, such as players losing pushes, and blackjacks are paid even money to restore the advantage the house loses by exposing the dealer's hole card.
Double Up To double down with less than 2X the original bet.
Generally, when doubling is allowed, the player does not have to actually double his bet, but may increase it by any amount up to but not more than the original bet.
Doubling for Less Placing an additional bet that is less than one's original wager and receiving only one additional card.
It is bounded by Main Street to the west and Maryland Parkway to the east.
Some of the casinos considered to be downtown would include the Stratosphere, the Golden Nugget, the Horseshoe, the Lady Luck, Main Street Station, and the El Cortez, to name a few.
It is why the smallest denomination chip must be on the top of a bet and the dealer must be able to see all the bets all the time.
The total amount of money and markers cashed in by players.
Term used to describe the total amount of money wagered in a casino.
At table games, a drop box is used to collect the money.
Drop Box A box affixed to a playing table to store the money and markers exchanged at the table for chips.
Drop Cut The technique of holding a stack of chips in one hand, touching them to the table, then lifting them, leaving a small stack of chips in the desired amount.
Usually used on the Crap table.
Drop the Deck In a single deck game the dealer may reshuffle after any hand is over and may be told by the floorperson to drop the deck for some reason.
Ds Double after split blackjack rule 2.
The acronym for Don Schlesinger, author.
Duke A very good hand, a long winning hand at craps.
Dummy Up and Deal A common expression spoken to dealers to remind them to keep their mind on their game and refrain from talking to the customers too much.
Dumping To lose a large amount of the casino's bankroll to a player in a short amount of time.
E Early Surrender Player may give up or click at this page after receiving first two cards but before dealer checks for an Ace in the hole.
If surrendered, only 50% of bet is lost, instead of entire sum.
Excellent method for controlling player losses and therefore not allowed in most casinos.
Early Out Being allowed to leave work before the end of the shift.
When the dealer hears an "echo" the floor person is aware of the transaction and has given his approval.
It keeps the dealer from turning around to look for the floor person and exposing the dealer tray unnecessarily.
Edge A term used to describe the percentage of advantage either the casino or the player has on a certain game.
For example, the casino has a 1.
To exclude a person from having any more alcoholicbeverage.
Sometimes to completely expel a customer from the casino.
Em An abbreviation for "E-Mail".
End Play A style of playing Blackjack in which the player takes advantage of his knowledge of the last un-played cards at the end of the deck.
Extremely rare now, it was mostly practiced by self-educated advantage players in the pre-Thorp days, when single deck games were often dealt very deeply, if not completely.
Nearly all casinos try to avoid the possibility of end play by cutting off some of the cards at the end of the deck or the shoe.
EOR The acronym for Effects Of Removal.
Es The acronym for Early Surrender.
European no-Hole-Card Rule A rule used in blackjack where the dealer does not take a hole card.
The dealer hand gets a second card only after all player hands are finished.
If the dealer gets a blackjack, a player who has doubled down or has split loses not only his original bet but all additional bets.
The name of this rule is derived from the fact that many games in Europe and abroad are played with this rule in effect.
It is not the norm in most American and Canadian casinos.
EV The acronym for Expected Value.
In a blackjack session it is the mathmatical result expected.
A bet which returns the same amount in winnings as was wagered by the player if the bet is won.
A phrase which is used by players and the casino when a player decides to take insurance on his blackjack when a dealer has an Ace showing.
If the player takes this option, he is paid even money on his blackjack regardless of whether the dealer has a blackjack or not.
Expectation A reference to what a player or the house can statistically expect to win or lose on a given bet or game.
For example, the house expectation on a pass line bet at craps is 1.
This simply means that the house can expect to win 1.
Since the only outcomes are win one unit or lose one unit, a 1.
If the same bet were described for the player, it https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/meilleur-jeu-de-blackjack-en-ligne.html be stated by saying the player on average gets 98.
Expected Value A reference similar to the term expectation.
Often, when using the term expected value, players also include the additional value that may result when do pairs in blackjack comps earned during play.
Expected Win Another term similar to expectation or expected value.
Generally, this term is used to describe what a player or the house may expect to win over a certain period of play.
For example, if a card counter is playing with a 1.
Extra Board A list of dealers hired and processed by the casino, who have not been assigned a permanent work shift.
They are allowed to work as needed until a regular position becomes available.
A colloquial term for the cameras used to watch the gaming areas in any casino.
Reference to the casino employee s viewing the video screens or employee s watching play directly from an unseen vantage point.
Also: "Eye in the sky.
In some casinos almost every hand of Blackjack is recorded on video to detect cheaters as well as counters.
F Fab Four A term coined by Don Schlesinger https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/blackjack-tire-supply.html to describe the top four surrender plays that vary from basic strategy based upon the hi-lo counting system.
Face Card The face cards are the Jacks, Queens, and Kings.
They all have a value of 10.
So including the face cards there are sixteen 10-value cards per deck.
Face Down Game Dealing Style.
In face down game, player's first card is up, second card is down.
There is Face up game as well.
Each style has slightly different table etiquette of play.
Face Up Game Dealing Style.
In face up game, both cards are dealt up and cards are not touched by player - presumably to prevent cheating.
Each style has slightly different table etiquette of play.
False Shuffle The shuffling action by a cheating dealer which preserves the original order of the cards or some pre-arranged order of cards that the dealer has set up while shuffling for a certain purpose ie to deal himself a natural, to deal a winning hand to an accomplice etc.
FAQ The acromym for Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers.
Fibonacci Any series of numbers in which the two preceding numbers totaled together equals the next number in the series.
An example would be 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55.
There are a number of betting progressions which utilize a Fibonacci series.
The replenishing of chips by the casino at a table game.
To replenish the money or tokens in a slot machine or other kind of gaming machine.
First Base This is the first player to receive cards when the dealer deals the cards.
This is the player's seat farthest to the right at a blackjack table, from the player's viewpoint.
First Baseman Term used to describe the player sitting closest to the shoe, on the Dealer's left hand side, and receiving the first card dealt.
Five-Card Charlie Any five-card blackjack hand that totals 21 or less.
Flat Betting To wager the same amount of money on each bet made during a playing session or a portion of the playing session.
Flea or Slot Flea This is the casino's expression for someone who flits from machine to machine playing only those with positive expectations.
Floating Advantage The concept whereby, in multi-deck games, the advantage we associate with every level of a True Count TC floats down the TC, the deeper getting into the pack of cards dealt, i.
The FA is of more theoretical than practical importance, because as a pack is depleted, the same True Count garners extra advantage, said advantage becoming especially interesting at those levels where the shuffle is most likely to occur.
Flooring A practice which reduces every "precise" index number to just an integer Floored indices, or indexes.
When Flooring, all the index numbers are taken down "floored" to the nearest smaller integer.
Notice that flooring positive numbers is identical to truncating them.
Of course, an index number which has been calculated to be "precisely" an integer, does not change: +3.
Floorman A casino executive who supervises a portion of a pit, usually under the direction of a pit boss.
Fluctuations This word describes the ups and downs of your bankroll.
Sometimes abbreviated as "flucs".
Foreign Chip A chip from another casino you are playing in.
In Las Vegas many of the larger casinos will cash smaller denomination chips from other casinos as a favor to their customers but they are certainly not obligated to do so.
A dealer who exposes his hole card to a player seated at the table.
A player who intentionally manages to see the dealer's hole card and uses this information for his own play or relays it to a confederate playing at the table.
Front Loading To glimpse the dealer's hole card and use the information for playing your hand.
Fwiw The acronym for For What It's Worth.
G GBC The acronym for Gambler's Book Club, a bookstore in Las Vegas.
GCB The acronym for Gaming Control Board, the Nevada agency that regulates the state's casinos.
George The dealer's name for a good tipper.
GN The acronym for a Las Vegas casino called Golden Nugget.
Gom The acronym for Groaner Of the Month Gorilla 1.
Grand Martingale A betting progression in which the player doubles his bet and adds one unit after each loss until a win occurs.
Graveyard Shift Casino workers on the graveyard shift generally start at 2 AM, but may start a couple of hours earlier or later than that.
Generally the least-experienced dealers work graveyard.
Griffin Peter Griffin, blackjack author.
Griffin Book A series of books kept by Griffin which identifies card counters and suspected card counters.
It may include profiles and photographs.
The book also identifies and profiles other persons unwanted by casinos.
Griffin Investigations An investigator firm hired by many casinos to identify and track cheats.
They also identify and track card counters, as well as perform other investigative tasks for their clients.
To make money in small increments while gambling.
To eke out a profit over the long run.
Grind Joint Usually refers to a low roller involved blackjack math in which caters to small bettors.
GS The acronym for Gold Strike, a casino.
H H17 An abbreviation used to signify that the rules of a particular blackjack game include requiring the dealer to hit a soft seventeen.
The cards held by a player or the dealer to form a complete play.
A reference to a completed round of play.
A completed play at other table games, such as craps.
Hands per hour An estimate of the number of blackjack hands played per hour in various conditions.
Generally estimated blackjack switch push 22 PUT CHART HERE Hard Hand Hands without an ace, or with an ace valued at 1 are said to be hard in that they can only be given one value, as opposed to "soft" hands.
Hard Total The total of any hand not containing Aces or the total of a hand where the Ace is counted as 1.
So a 10 and an 8 is a hard total of 18, or a hard 18.
An Ace and a 7 is a hard total of 8.
HC The acronym for High Card: 10, J, Q, K, or ace.
Heads Up Playing one-on-one against the dealer.
No other players at the table.
Heat The pressure a casino puts on a winning player, typically someone who is suspected of being a card counter.
It can range from very mild forms, such as a pit boss intently watching a player, unnecessary comments to more overt forms, such as a pit boss counting down the cards in the discard tray, particularly after a player has raised his bet, accusations of counting cards, intent scrutiny of your game by the pit bosses or other casino personnel.
Most counters consider heat to be a warning sign that the casino suspects they are counting.
Heavy Board Blackjack table with an excess of 10 value cards showing.
Hi-Lo Count A balanced level one counting system which values the 2 through 6 cards as a plus one and the tens, face cards and aces as a minus one.
It has become the universal language of card counters, in the sense that many of the standard references to the count in games use the Hi-Lo count as a basis, such as the Illustrious 18.
Often, when there is no other frame of reference, if someone refers to a count number, it is assumed that the reference is based on the Hi-Lo count.
The most comprehensive guide to the Hi-Lo count can be found in Stanford Wong's book, Professional Blackjack.
Hi-Opt I A balanced level one counting system included in Humble and Cooper's book, The World's Greatest Blackjack Book.
It assigns the value of plus one to 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's and minus one to ten valued cards.
Hi-Opt II A balanced level two counting system which is sold separately from the Hi-Opt I system.
It assigns a value of plus one to 2's, 3's, 5's and 6's, plus two to 4's and 5's, and minus two to ten valued cards.
High Roller A person who makes large wagers in the casino.
What constitutes a high roller in one casino may be very different from one casino to another one.
High-Low Light Card counting system similar to Red Seven, but slightly more powerful.
Recommended for those having mastered Red Seven.
High-Low Pick-Up The way the dealer picks up the players' or his cards from the table, is rigidly set down by each casino.
The request is almost never made verbally.
In a hand-held game, it is made by scratching the cards against the felt, and in a face-up game, it is made by tapping the felt when it is the player's turn to either refuse or accept another card.
A card requested by the player during play.
Additional cards the dealer must take to complete a hand.
Hold The amount of money won by the casino, often expressed in terms of the percentage of total wagers made in the casino.
It can also be expressed as a monetary amount.
Hole Card Dealer's first card dealt, always face down.
Always assume it is a ten-value card.
Hole Card Play To play blackjack with the knowledge of the dealer's unexposed hole card.
Hopping the Deck The action of a cheating dealer in single deck blackjack with which he nullifies the player's cut of the cards and returns them to their pre-cut order.
Hot Deck Playing situation with a high count value, very favorable to player.
I Illustrious 18 A term coined by Don Schlesinger to describe the 18 most advantageous deviations from basic strategy, based on the Hi-Lo count.
The 18 plays described equal about 80% of the gain that could be had from playing the full set of indexes in more complex strategy tables.
Imho The acronym for In My Humble Opinion.
Imo Same as IMHO but not humble.
Implied Count An educated guess used to modify play strategy as to the value of unseen cards in other players' hands based on the value of the dealer's card and cards taken or not taken by other players.
For example, if the dealer has a stiff and a player visit web page a large card one can imply two extra low cards to modify play strategy.
Index Number A term often used by counters to identify the count for specific strategy deviations.
For example, the proper index number for standing on a hard 16 versus a dealer's 10 is 0, using the Hi-Lo count.
Insurance If the dealer's up card is an ace or ten as up cardhe or she will call visit web page insurance.
When you place an insurance wager, regret, blackjack table top view share are betting that the dealer has Blackjack.
To make an insurance wager, pace an amount, up to one half your original bet on the insurance line when the dealer calls for insurance.
If the dealer has Blackjack you win your insurance bet, but lose your original bet.
If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you lose your insurance bet and the game continues.
Taking the insurance bet is highly advantageous to the house, unless the player is card counting.
Insurance Correlation Ic "Insurance correlation" indicates how well the point count is able to convey information regarding when one should take insurance.
Insurance Efficiency Ie A system's "Insurance efficiency" is the measure of how much the card counting system can gain if one follows its recommendation to take insurance in comparison to what could be gained by always taking insurance at the proper time.
IP The acronym for Imperial Palace, a casino.
The acronym for Initial Running Count.
The acronym for Internet Relay Chat.
J Joker Some casinos, as blackjack casino mtl bonus to the players, have one or more jokers inserted into the deck, to be used by the players as any value card, as an instant 21, etc.
The acronym for John Patrick, author.
The acronym for Jerry Patterson, author.
Junket An organized group of gamblers that travel to a casino together.
Junkets are usually subsidized by a casino to attract players.
K Kelly Betting Betting a proportion of your bankroll equal to the advantage divided by the variance of the possible outcomes.
This style of betting is intended to minimize the risk faced by a bettor and most betting schemes recommended by serious blackjack experts are a modification of this style of betting.
Probability to win or loses is calculated using the Game Advantage calculated in each of the game templates.
These results will show you the Kelly bet by game and with your specified bankroll.
Many players take a conservative approach when using the Kelly bet by only using a percentage of the calculated number.
The Kelly Bet variable specified in the Options above allows the player to specify, for example.
Knock-Out Count An unbalanced level one counting system which counts the 2 through 7 cards as plus one and the tens, face cards and aces as minus one.
It was developed by Olaf Vancurra and Ken Fuchs and is featured in their book, Knock-Out Blackjack.
KO See Knock-Out Count.
KU The acronym for Ken Uston, author of "Million Dollar Blackjack" M Ma An abbreviation for Multiple-Action blackjack.
Your hand is played out once.
The dealer's hand is played out multiple times, starting with the same up card each time.
Standard blackjack strategy applies.
Marker An IOU to the casino signed by a player who has casino credit.
One of the oldest betting progressions in existence.
It requires a player to double the size of his bet after a loss and to continue doubling his bets until a win is achieved, resulting in a profit equal to the size of the original bet.
It is impossible to win gioco blackjack the long run using this system.
As a blackjack system, the martingale system is not very useful.
The whole idea of the system and this seems intuitively simple is, using basic blackjack strategy, to double your bet every time you lose.
If you lose again after that, you double your bet once again, and so on.
The idea behind this is that you'll have to win eventually, and when you do, you'll get all of your money back, plus a little more.
This may sound all fine and good, until you consider the fact that there's a table limit.
And the odds are, you will lose eventually.
The truth is, all systems are destined to lose.
Trying to win with blackjack systems can be compared to trying to get a positive number by adding negative numbers together.
Nope, the only blackjack system that will help you is card counting, and that's why we are here.
Often used as a term for any system which requires increasing a bet after a loss.
It is not a winning method of betting in any form.
The acronym for Michael Dalton, author and publisher.
The acronym for Multiple Deck.
MDBJ The acronym for Ken Uston's book entitled Million Dollar Black Jack.
Someone who can manipulate a deck of playing cards.
Generally by slight of hand.
Slang for dealer who cheats, often by dealing "seconds," that is holding top card in reserve for later use.
Mimic The Dealer To play all blackjack hands as if you were the dealer.
MGM An abbreviation for MGM Grand, a casino.
Money Management A phrase often used by gamblers to describe how they handle their bankroll.
To non counting system player, it may mean establishing a stop-loss or win goal.
To a card counter, it may mean considering things like bankroll, risk of ruin and the use of Kelly betting strategies.
Money Plays Cried by the dealer to alert the pit boss when a player puts down money as a bet without wanting to exchange them for chips.
Also said by the player to the dealer, declaring that he doesn't want the money changed into chips.
Monkey A face card, probably a corruption of "monarchy.
MSS The acronym for Main Street Station, a casino.
Muck To remove small cards from the deck and replace them with ten valued cards and aces.
The word can also be used to describe the opposite, which would be for a casino to remove high cards from the deck.
Multiple Deck A phrase used to describe games, usually blackjack, in which more than one deck of cards is used.
L Labouchere A betting progression, also known as the cancellation system.
A bettor chooses a series of two or more numbers which add up to the profit he intends to make.
He then bets the total of the two outside numbers in the series and cancels those numbers if he wins.
He continues betting the two outside un-cancelled numbers until he has completed the series.
If he loses a bet, he adds the amount of his loss to his series as a single number.
He must therefore cancel out two numbers for each number added.
This system is a good way to lose good money fast.
Las Vegas Small piece of Nevada desert - where gambling is legal - with mystic power to draw throngs of people and invite them into tossing coins into either holes made of metal or felt.
Las Vegas Strip The portion of Las Vegas Boulevard which extends roughly from Sunset Road to Sahara Boulevard.
It includes many of the most well known casinos in Las Vegas, such as the Mirage, Caesar's Palace, the Flamingo Hilton, New York - New York, Circus Circus and the Bellagio, to name a few.
roush blackjack mustang Vegas Strip Rules Rules referring to a game of Blackjack with a single deck, dealer standing on all 17's, double allowed on the two first cards dealt and no doubling after splitting permitted.
Late Surrender A blackjack rule which allows the player to forfeit half of his bet after seeing the dealer's up card, unless the dealer has a blackjack, in which case the player loses his entire bet.
Law of Large Numbers Inthe law of large numbers LLN is a that describes the result just click for source performing the same experiment a large number of times.
According to the law, the of the results obtained from a large number of trials should be close to theand will tend to become closer as more trials are performed.
A reference to the number of values assigned to cards in a card counting system.
A level one system, such as Hi-Lo, assigns one value, plus or minus one, to the cards.
A level two system would assign two values, such as plus and minus one and two.
In multi-deck games: number of deck played.
Light Board Blackjack table with a deficiency of 10 value cards showing.
LL The acronym for Lady Luck, a casino.
LOL The acronym for Laughing Out Loud.
Long Term A general reference for Blackjack made to indicate the time rounds played required for your actual winnings to be near or achieve your expected winnings.
Professional at Blackjack Science more specifically look at the formula for "N0" see N0 to overcome two standard deviations as a numerical definition of the long term.
Low Roller A small better.
LS The acronym for Late Surrender.
Lt The acronym for Lake Tahoe.
Luck Imaginary substance believed by many players to aid in winning.
Should not be relied upon in place of skill.
LV The acronym for Las Vegas, the city.
LVA The acronym for Las Vegas Advisor, Anthony Curtis's newsletter.
N N0 The number of hands sometimes expressed in hours of playing time theoretically required to be played with a certain set of rules and strategy count, spread etc.
Some thought is achieving N0 for two standard deviations is comparable to the "long term".
Natural When an Ace and a 10 value card are dealt as the first two cards totaling 21 in value.
This hand typically pays 3:2 odds and can also be referred to as a Blackjack.
Never Bust Strategy To never risk hitting a stiff hand 12,13,14,15,16 in Blackjack.
Nbj An abbreviation for New Black Jack, a different system, which black jack players describe as a nonsense system.
No Double after Split Ndas Casino rules that do not allow doubling when the player has split two cards.
No Hole Card This describes any blackjack game in which the dealer does not take a second card until after all player hands are finished.
If a player who has doubled down or split loses only the original bet to a natural by the dealer, the player's strategy and edge are the same as if the dealer took a hole card and checked it.
If the player loses all on doubles and splits against a natural, the game is generally called "European no hole card".
The overhead expenses of a casino or a player.
The best possible hand in a round of poker, given the cards that are dealt.
NYNY The acronym for Ne w York New York, a casino on the las Vegas strip.
O Object of Game In Blackjack, to walk away from the table with more money than you started with, hopefully a lot more.
Accomplished by beating the dealer consistently and not merely getting 21.
Oscar's Grind A conservative win progression described by Allan Wilson on pages 246-248 of The Casino Gambler's Guide.
After a loss, you repeat the bet.
After a win, you bet whatever you need to show a total profit of one unit, subject to increasing your bet no more than one unit.
Like all progressions, Oscar's system does not change the casino's edge.
Otoh The acronym for On The Other Hand.
In the over bet, the player is wagering that his two card total will be less than 13.
In the under bet, the player is wagering that his total will be more than 13.
In either case, if the total is exactly 13 the player loses.
Aces count as one in considering the card totals.
P P21 A rule whereby you push if the dealer has a natural and you have 21 in three or more cards.
Pack A reference to the total collection of cards in play.
Usually, this is used to refer to more than one deck of cards, with it's most common reference being use to describe a two deck game.
Paint The face cards, i.
Jack, Queen and King.
Pair Two numerically identical cards true pairor two identical face cards ten valued cards.
This is a reference to increasing the size of one's bet by the amount won on a previous bet.
Pat Hand Any hand in blackjack which is a hard 17 or greater and would can blackjack tip dealer sorry require a hit.
PB The acronym for Pit Boss.
PBA The acronym for Professional Blackjack Analyzer, blackjack software by David Smith.
PBJ An abbreviation for the book, Professional BlackJack by Stanford Wong PC 1.
An abbreviation for percentage.
The acronym for Pit Critter.
PE The acronym for Playing Efficiency.
Penetration How deeply into the pack or shoe a dealer goes before shuffling.
In CBJN, penetration is expressed as number of decks left when the shuffle point is reached.
Per Hour The expression "Hourly winnings or losses " in dollars of winnings or losses "per hour" is often encountered.
It is admittedly on the arbitrary side but helps to give a good approximation of an expected win rate or conversely, loss rate in money.
Pg The acronym for Peter Griffin, the author.
Pip The spots on the cards that correspond with the value of the card.
Pit The area in the casino surrounded by table games.
While it is often confined to one specific type of game, it can include any of the table games.
It is the area where casino personnel track the games and the players, among other duties and is where employees such as pit bosses and floor men can be found.
Casino patrons are not allowed access to the pit.
Pit Critter A colloquialism which usually refers to a pit boss or a floor man.
Pitch Game Expression referring to any single deck or double deck game.
Because the cards in these games are usually dealt face down, the dealer doesn't place them down on behalf of the players as he does in shoe games but, rather, throws them, i.
Pivot Point The point in an unbalanced count where the player advantage remains the same no matter how many cards remain to be dealt.
Play All Term for staying in a game through all the negative as well as the positive expectation situations.
The term is mainly used for multi-deck games.
The opposite of Wonging.
Playing Conditions The options that a casino has imposed on the game of blackjack at that casino e.
No double after split, double down on only 10, 11 etc.
Table limits for betting, minimum bet and maximum bet.
A higher playing correlation implies a greater playing accuracy.
Playing Efficiency Pe A description of the accuracy of any card counting system, usually expressed as a percentage or fraction.
The closer to 1 the number is, the more accurate the system is in terms of indicating the proper strategy decision to be made.
Ploppy A term coined by gambling author Frank Scoblete to describe a typical uninformed gambler.
Plug Usually describes the action of placing a portion of the un-played cards in the stack of discards prior to shuffling the cards.
Point Count The net value of the card count at the end of a hand.
Points to Remember When indicating your decision to stand or draw it is advisable to use the standard hand signals, i.
All other decisions should be indicated verbally.
Only the dealer is allowed to handle, remove or change the position of the cards.
Please do not hesitate to ask the dealer if there is anything that you do not understand.
In the event of a dispute, the final decision rests with the Management.
Pontoon A social card game with rules similar to Blackjack but with many important differences.
Played mostly in the UK.
Preferential Shuffle The act of intentionally shuffling the cards early in order to remove any possible advantage which may have been gained by the players.
It is used to discourage counters and to eliminate their playing advantage.
Press To increase one's bet after a winning hand.
Profit Formula Method for calculating expected winnings.
Progression Betting A form of betting which requires one to change the size of his bet based upon the results of the last hand or series of hands.
Progressions can be negative, which usually means a bet is raised after a loss, or positive, which usually means the bet is raised after a win.
No progression has ever been devised which can change the actual expectation in any given game.
Promotion A special marketing device used by casinos to encourage play.
5 card blackjack may take the form of a special rule, such as paying 2:1 for blackjacks or a special offer in conjunction with play, such as offering free show tickets or meals if a player makes a specified bet on certain games.
Proportional Betting See Kelly betting.
Ps The acronym for Preferential Shuffle.
It can mean other denominations, but the chip is always orange and the denomination is always relatively high.
Also, fun item carved at Halloween to look lke your mother in law.
Push "Stand Off" Same as tie.
Player's hand equals dealer's, assuming neither has 21.
In a normal blackjack game, the player's bet is returned to him when a push occurs.
In double exposure games and in many charity games, the player loses on a push with the dealer.
The special place in the table where the dealer keeps the house chips, stacked horizontally in rows.
In some casinos, players can ask for racks to hold their chips.
Rainbow Bet A bet, usually large, comprised of chips of various denominations, randomly arranged in a single pile, mostly in order to camouflage a continue reading increase.
Rainbow Blackjack Variation of blackjack which identifies each player's position at the table with a color.
Each player has betting spots for each of the other colors, allowing him to bet on other players' hands as well as his own.
This game is not widely offered, seen mainly in southern Mississippi.
When the player secretly sneaks a portion of his chips into purse or pocket in order to hide from the pit crew how much he's winning.
Rated Determination by house that a player's skill level is on the professional level.
A player's rating may be stored by computer and communicated to the pit.
RC The acronym for Running Count.
Red Chippers Usually local players with limited bankrolls playing with red chips.
Red Hand is a collaboration of nine Oregon based casinos dedicated to sharing information and assisting industry growth.
Over the years, the goal has been shared with other dedicated leaders from multiple casino jurisdictions creating an information sharing movement that has spanned the globe.
In 2002, Red Hand established a web-based form of high-level communication created to assist all casinos in the sharing of information vital toward successful asset protection.
This amazing networking website and alert system is 100% by surveillance professionals for surveillance professionals.
They continue to grow, with a membership of over 1,100 gaming professionals and industry visionaries with over 160 different gaming and government entities being represented.
Members of Red Hand were tired of paying companies to supply us with information that originated within our own surveillance community.
Members wanted expedited information regarding gaming issues as opposed to regurgitated information received months after the fact.
We wanted crisp pictures and fresh information transmitted between departments rather than faxed alerts that were impossible to comprehend and utilize.
United surveillance communication is a visionary way of combining efforts toward proactive networking and resource utilization in our casinos.
This enhanced form of communication is provided free of charge and will remain a free tool to any casino surveillance operation.
The sole catch is; all participants must be willing to share information.
Shared information provides the avenue toward asset protection networking success.
You can join the efforts of Red Hand by visiting the main page and submitting a request for membership.
The process is simple and also necessary as safe information sharing is a priority.
A candidate will be asked to provide a few general pieces of information name, title, casino, phone number, email address.
We also request a secondary point of contact to verify your employment and identity.
As approval is granted we will provide all the site information free of charge and add the new member to our alert system.
It gets it's name from the fact that the player counts only the red sevens as plus one and assigns a zero value to the black sevens.
The other values assigned include plus one for 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's and minus one for ten valued cards and aces.
Resplit Splitting pairs after splitting a pair for the first time if another like card is dealt.
Resplit Aces Rsa The unlimited ability to re-split aces.
Many casinos set a limit to the number of times that aces can be split.
Rfb An abbreviation for complimentary Room, Food, and Beverage.
Rgb The acronym for Rec.
Blackjack, a usenet newsgroup.
Rider Bet The bet made by a player the "Rider" behind another player's bet.
Most casinos allow two Riders max.
The total amount of bets placed on the betting circle spot cannot exceed the table maximum.
In most casinos, the player who has the original bet on the spot gets to direct how the hand will be played.
The original bettor also gets to fill up the spot up to the maximum bet at any time, if he so chooses, leaving out anyone else who wishes to place Rider bets.
In some casinos, the player who gets to direct the play of the hand is the player who has placed the largest bet, even if he's a Rider.
If a Rider has the option of making the extra bet on pair splits, there are some variations to basic strategy that can help the rider.
Riffle The act of shuffling the cards by dividing them into two equal stacks and blending them together, accomplished by holding the cards between the thumb and the first two fingers of each hand.
Risk of Ruin Describes the likelihood of losing all of one's bankroll.
Rng The acronym for Random-Number Generator.
The acronym for Risk Of Ruin.
The acronym for Rate Of Return.
Rotfl The acronym for Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
Round A completed hand to all spots being played at a blackjack table.
A player may be playing multiple spots and therefore play multiple hands per round.
Important distinction when calculating EV and Variance.
Rounding A practice which reduces every "precise" index number to just an integer Rounded indices, or indexes.
When Rounding, all the index numbers are rounded to the nearest integer, following the mathematical rules which apply when rounding numbers.
Of course, an index number which has been calculated to be "precisely" an integer, does not change: +3.
RPC The acronym for Revere Point Count.
Rsa An abbreviation for Resplit Aces.
Rule of Six A policy followed by many casinos at single deck.
They require a dealer to deal five rounds to one player, four rounds to two players, three rounds to three players and two rounds to four players.
Some casinos carry this rule to the extreme and only deal one round to five or more players.
Running Count The total number of points a card-counting system assigns to the cards seen from the beginning of the deck or shoe.
The running count is updated by the value of the point count after each hand.
S S17 An abbreviation for the casino rule which requires the dealer to stand on all soft 17s.
Safe Jack A high-tech version of blackjack.
Card values and bet sizes are read by sensors built into the table.
SBA The acronym for Statistical Blackjack Analyzer, blackjack software by Karel Janecek.
The acronym for Just click for source Deck.
The acronym for Standard Deviation.
Seconds Dealing seconds is a cheating move by the dealer.
Through a sleight of hand maneuver, the dealer peeks at the top card on the undealt deck and determines when he will deal the card and to whom.
The rest of the players are dealt seconds, that is the second card rather than the top card.
A dealer can use this move to help a confederate at the table or to cheat the players at the table.
Sequencing An advanced shuffle-tracking, team technique.
The players identify certain cards usually Aces, hence "Ace Sequencing" in the shuffle and by controlling the table attempt to subsequently steer these cards to the team's hands.
Session A short period of time for recording results.
A session might be the time you spent at one table, or the time you spent in one casino, or the time you spent playing blackjack between breaks away from the game.
Settlement The resolution of the bet.
The dealer either collects the player's chips, pays the player or leaves the chips on the table in the case of a push.
Sharpe Ratio A method of comparing risk and ruin, named after Nobel prize winner William Sharpe.
It compares the difference in return and investment may have over a risk-less investment to the risk of the paroli system blackjack investment.
Shill A casino employee, usually hired to be a "starter" in casino games.
This employee may play at otherwise empty tables in order to attract players.
Typically they have a large amount of chips in front of them giving players the idea that the table is hot.
Shoe This is the shoe box shaped transparent or wooden device that holds up to eight decks used in blackjack.
It allows the dealer to deal one card off the top quickly and efficiently.
Two, four, and six deck shoes are common.
Shoe Game A reference to blackjack games which use a shoe to hold the cards.
Short Shoe A shoe from which certain cards have been removed, usually as a means of cheating players.
For instance, ten valued cards or aces may be removed from the shoe, which would give the house an unbeatable advantage.
Sometimes, the reverse occurs, wherein cards are added to the shoe which would be detrimental to the player, such as five's and sixes.
Shuffle To thoroughly mix the cards before dealing them to the players.
Shuffle Card A plastic card, usually the same as the cut card, which is inserted into a deck, pack or shoe to indicate when to break the deck and reshuffle the cards.
Shuffle Master The trademarked name of a mechanical device that some casinos use to shuffle the cards in multi-deck games, in order to click the following article up the game and defeat cheating and shuffle tracking.
Shuffle Tracking A sophisticated technique that requires a player to count the cards, observe where groups of high or low cards are placed in the discard tray, follow them through the shuffle, and then cut the cards in such a way as to bring excess high cards into play.
It is a proven way to get an edge at shoe games.
Shuffle Up Premature shuffling by the dealer to discourage card counting or to harass a player who is usually suspected of being a counter.
Side Bet A bet in blackjack that may be made in addition to the primary bet placed in the betting circle.
It is similar to the proposition bets in craps, in that the player is betting that a certain circumstance will occur, such as receiving a pair or two cards of the same suit.
Almost all side bets carry a large house advantage.
Side Count An additional count to track certain cards.
Common side counts include an ace or five count.
Slug A small number of cards, bunched together in the deck.
Usually used to identify the cards that a cheating dealer pre-identifies, controls in his shuffling action and deals out accordingly.
Snapper A colloquial term for a natural or blackjack.
Sof An abbreviation for Slots A Fun, a casino.
Ace-9 is soft 20.
If later valued at 1, it becomes a "hard" hand.
Soft Double To double down on a hand with an ace as part of the original hand.
Spanish 21 A version of blackjack in which the actual tens are removed from play.
It carries a variety of favorable rules, and can be beat with specialized counting methods.
Usually, any pair of ten valued cards may be split as if they were a natural pair.
You place an additional bet equal to your original bet on the separated card.
In most casinos if the second card on either or both of these 'new' hands make another pair, you can split that hand as well.
Some casinos do not allow Aces to be resplit.
When splitting pairs, as with "Doubling Down", if the dealer gets a "Blackjack", only the original bet will lose.
Splitting Aces If you receive a pair of aces on your first two cards, you may choose to split the aces.
click to see more you split aces, you will receive only one card on each ace.
However, if you receive a second ace after you split, you may choose to re-split the aces.
Spooking The practice of standing somewhere away from a blackjack table to identify the dealer's down or hole card and then secretly signaling the value of the card to a player at the table.
An illegal form of cheating.
A court has ruled however that a seated player may use hole card information if obtained because of a dealer error or mishandling.
For example, a person dealt two tens would normally stand and refuse another card.
The dealer will proceed to the next player.
Stand-Off Both player and dealer have the same hand total.
Player keeps bet Also tie or push.
Standard Deviation A term which describes how far one may stray from the expected value of a game in either direction.
It is determined by finding the square root of the variance of a game.
Statistical Blackjack Analyzer Counting software designed by Karel Janacek which can analyze counting systems and simulate play.
Steam Usually used as a term to describe a person who begins to over-bet in an attempt to recoup his losses.
Any hand that could bust if drawn to.
For example a hard 12-16.
The stiff hands are hard totals of 12 through 16.
A reference to any dealer up card of 2 through 6, since we always assume a 10-value card in the hole.
Strategy Number The count number used to determine the point at which a variation from basic strategy may be made in the game of blackjack.
Streak A series of wins or losses.
Strip See Las Vegas Strip.
Strip Rules A set of rules, once prevalent in Las Vegas Strip casinos, where a Dealer stands on soft 17 S17Player is allowed to DOA double on anythingPlayer is not allowed to DAS no double down after splitPair splitting is allowed up to 4 hands, No RSA no re-splitting of aces allowed.
It is of course assumed that the other common rules also apply: Insurance offered, Dealer collects only original bets, Split aces receive only 1 card, Ace-Ten after splitting aces counts as simple 21.
Stripping The dealer's shuffling action whereby he holds a pack of cards in one hand and with the other he picks up "strips" a small number of cards from the top and places learn more here on the table, successively, one on top of the other until a new pack is formed but with the order of cards grossly reversed.
The smaller the number of cards he picks "strips" from the original pack, the stronger the reversal.
Of course, the perfect reversal would be achieved by picking up "stripping" the cards one by one, but that is not desirable by the casino since it eliminates the action's randomness.
Surrender Surrender is the only option of not playing a hand after receiving your first two cards.
When you exercise the option of surrender, the dealer will pick up your cards, and you will lose one half of your bet.
This is done before the dealer plays out his hand.
Shooting Star Casino is the only casino in Minnesota to offer surrender.
The surrender option offered at Shooting Star Casino is called "late surrender", which means you ko blackjack indexes chart surrender only after the dealer has checked for Blackjack.
Also Late Surrender and Early Surrender.
The acronym for Steve Wynn, casino owner.
The acronym for Stanford Wong, author.
Software, in a computer context.
Swing Shift This is the busiest shift in casinos.
Swing-shift workers generally come to work at 6 PM, but may start a couple of hours earlier or later than 6.
T Table Hopping Moving from one table to another in rapid succession while playing.
Often used in conjunction with wonging, backcounting and team play.
Tap Out Losing your whole bankroll.
Acronym for Table, Research, Grading and Evaluation Technique.
An alternative system, originally formulated by Eddie Olsen and Jerry Patterson, to beat multi-deck Blackjack.
TARGET's basic premise is that casino shuffling routines are non-random and link to create biases in shoes, sometimes favoring the player 5% of the time but mostly favoring the house 70%.
The player must therefore identify and play in tables that show evidence of excess players' wins while avoiding tables which are "dealer-biased".
A set of table-selection rules is provided, which focus on signs of players crowding the table a lot of cigarette butts in the ashtrays, etcfor specific card sequences "clumping" observed, etc.
Also article source the comprehensive Sims on biased shoes in Blackjack Essays by Mason Malmuth, 1987.
Also see Abdul Jalib's analysis of biases in his "In Search of Clumping" post archived in bjmath.
Team Play A term for a group of players who play using one bankroll, usually provided by the player's themselves and other investors.
Tell A dealer's give-away expression, gesture, mannerism or overall attitude which gives to the alert player enough information about the dealer's hole card.
Tells exist only in games where the dealer checks https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/blackjack-edge.html tens for a natural.
To guard against tells, and also dealer-player collusion, most casinos have installed automatic hole-card checking machines or switched to the no-peeking-under-tens rule.
Tell Play Observing the dealer and trying to detect subtle body language and expressions that show his hand.
It is the last person to receive the cards during a round of play.
Thorp The father of card counting, Edward O.
His Beat the Dealer is the first book to explain card counting.
TI The acronym for a Las Vegas casino called Treasure Island.
Tie Both player and dealer have the same hand total.
Also Push or Stand-Off.
Tob An abbreviation for The Theory Of Blackjack, book by Peter Griffin.
Toke A player tip to the dealer or to any other casino person providing service to the player.
Tough Player A smart player who can make money against the casino in the short run.
Tray The special place in the table where the dealer keeps the house chips, stacked horizontally in rows.
Trop An abbreviation for any of the casinos named Tropicana.
True Count The true count is derived from the running count divided by the number of decks left with free online blackjack game useful the shoe.
The running count adjusted to account for the number of cards left in the deck or shoe to be played.
The total number of decks can be estimated to the nearest deck or half deck.
Truncating A practice which reduces every "precise" index number to just an integer.
Truncated indices, or indexes.
When Truncating, we simply take away truncate the decimal part of the index number, leaving only the integer part.
Of course, an index number which has been calculated to be "precisely" an integer, does not change: +3.
Also Flooring and Rounding.
Twenty-One Another name for the game of blackjack U Ube The acronym for Universal Blackjack Engine, software by John Imming.
Ubz An abbreviation for Unbalanced Zen card-counting system.
Unbalanced Count A count in which the number of plus and minus cards is not equal.
For example, the KO count has one more plus valued card than minus valued card, which makes it an unbalanced count.
Unbalanced Zen An unbalanced version of Arnold Snyder's Zen Count.
Unit This generally means a card counter's minimum bet.
Up Card The dealer's first dealt card, placed face up.
It is a balanced count which values the 3 through 7 cards as a plus one and the tens, face cards and aces as a minus one.
It also utilizes a number of strategy variations based on the count.
Uston Advanced Point Count A level three counting system described by Ken Uston in the book, Million Dollar Blackjack.
It assigns the value of plus one to 2s and 8s, plus two to 3s, 4s, 6s and 7s, plus three to 5s, minus one to 9s and minus three to 10s.
It uses the same tag values but does not include the strategy variations on the Advanced Count.
V Var An abbreviation for variance.
Variance This can be determined by subtracting the expected value from each possible outcome in a game or hand, squaring the differences and multiplying each square by its probability of occurring and then summing the total of the product.?!
A colloquial expression for the house advantage on a game.
Used to describe any fee collected for play.
It derives from a gangland term for the interest charged by loan sharks and is short for vigorish.
VP The acronym for Video Poker.
Warp If the dealer bends the cards while checking under 10s and shuffles gently, the cards might take on warps that make them readable while face down.
For more information on using warps, see Basic Blackjack.
Wash To mix a deck of cards by placing them face down on the table and mixing them by using a washing motion.
This is commonly done whenever new decks of cards are brought to a table.
Wgbjb An abbreviation for Humble and Cooper's book titled The World's Greatest BlackJack Book Whale This is casino-speak for a high-roller of the biggest sort.
Win Rate The speed at which one is expected to win, commonly expressed as a percentage or in dollars per hour or per a specified number of hands.
To back count the cards dealt at a particular table and to then join play only when the count indicates the game has swung to the player's advantage, and then to leave when the count indicates the game has turned unfavorable.
Playing in any favorable situation in a number of different games.
It is named after blackjack author and BJ21 webmaster Stanford Wong, who popularized this method of play.
Www The acronym for Bally's Wild Wild West casino in Atlantic City, NJ.
Z Zen Count A level two counting system described by Arnold Snyder in his book, Blackbelt in Blackjack.
It assigns a value of plus one to the 2s, 3s and 7s, plus two to the 4s, 5s and 6s, minus one to the Aces and minus two to the ten valued cards.

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Unbalanced strategies like KO, Red7 and KISS use the running count and avoid the. In this chapter, some charts will be provided for true counts and running counts. Six decks, S17, DAS, LS, 4.81/6, Hi-Lo max indexes, trunc, half-deck; Two ...

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The Illustrious 18 are eighteen extremely efficient variations of the blackjack basic strategy which were. The index numbers of his chart play a crucial role and if players want to be able to take. 'Illustrious 18” Hi-Lo Card Counting Indices.

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The only application you need to master both Basic Strategy and Card Counting. Blackjack All-In-One Trainer has 3 modes; Play, Train and Simulate. Reduce ...

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Counting Cards Using the Hi-Lo Card Counting System. The first card. With a table of Index Numbers, betting becomes easier. There are ...

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Have you heard about blackjack deviations?
Mostly,practice this method so they can bring the house down in the most opportune gaming moments.
Through calculating the blackjack probability, they can adjust their betting and strategy for optimal results.
All these are based on mathematical formulas which are pre-calculated even before the player sets foot in the casino.
The deviations or play alterations will depend on the situation on the table.
But what are these and how can you use it for your advantage?
Read on, my friend.
What are blackjack ko blackjack indexes chart />You can always refer to a strategy or blackjack probability chart to win consistent hands.
Even card counters have won decent amount of money by simply abiding by the rules of the basic strategy paired by perfect card counting techniques.
Calculating blackjack probabilities will show that these methods cover only up to 80% of your game — sometimes, only 60%.
Where does the rest go?
This is where blackjack deviations come handy.
There click two types of deviations for this card game: playing and betting.
Playing deviations is when you decide to have a different move than what the basic strategy dictates.
If the true count is running high, it might be best to stand on some hands than to hit like what the strategy chart tells.
On the other hand, betting deviations are when you change the amount of your betting unit based on the running count.
However, be careful when exploiting betting deviations as this usually attracts the attention of pit bosses.
As you see, deviations are based on the true count, thus you have to count cards to practice this.
It also takes practice and good judgment before you reap the fruits of your labor.
And remember that although deviations are meant to increase your odds of winning, it will not win all your hands.
To know more about deviations, Ben and Colin from Blackjack Apprenticeship discuss it in a nutshell in this video: Are blackjack deviations a must?
Well, if you want ko blackjack indexes chart increase the of your play, deviations will be helpful.
So is it a must?
Still, playing deviations have invaluable benefits.
For example, you have a 12 hand and the dealer has a 2.
If we are to base on the 4-8-deck chart where the dealer stands at Soft 17, the ideal move is to hit.
However, this changes when we factor in the true count.
And if you love insurance bets, card counting and deviations will be your lodestar.
Should you always use deviations?
Master the basics before breaking them.
This old adage goes true for blackjack deviations.
It takes mastery before you can make deviations work on your advantage.
So when is the best time to employ such deviations?
Once you had the deviation training, keeping a running count and converting it to true count in multiple-deck games is the first step.
Also, calculating blackjack probabilities will help.
When the true count is on your side, you change your bets.
There are over 170 index numbers and memorizing it would be a total mental wreck.
This is formulated by Donald Schlesinger, a mathematician and member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.
Schlesinger pointed out that although the basic strategy will yield a reasonable EV, the profit will soon decrease.
This is where deviations should be used.
Here are the 18 points with ko blackjack indexes chart sub-deviations:????
Point 2: the 16 hand vs.
Point 3: the 15 hand????
Point 4: Pair of 10s vs.
This applies for shoe, single-deck, and double-deck games.
Point 5: Pair of 10s vs.
In case of H17, split at +4 and up.
Point 6: 10 hand vs.
Point 7: 12 hand vs.
Point 8: 12 hand vs.
Point 9: 11 hand vs.
For H17, double down if the count is at least 0.
If playing at H17, double down if the count is at least -1.
Point 10: 9 hand vs.
Point 11: 10 hand vs.
Ace if the true count is +3 and up.
If playing in H17, double down in at least +3 count.
Point 12: 9 hand vs.
Point 13: 16 hand vs.
Point 14: 13 hand vs.
Point 15: 12 hand vs.
Point 16: 12 hand vs.
Point 17: 12 hand vs.
For H17, hit when the count is equal to or lower than -2.
For H17, hit when the ko blackjack indexes chart count is equal to or lower than -3.
For H17, hit if the count is -3 and lower.
Point 18: 13 hand vs.
The aforementioned points are aggressive moves.
Schlesinger noted that the Illustrious 18 will be golden for both Hi-Lo card counters and those who just mastered true counting.
As a method of advantage play, the Illustrious 18 gives you an option when unique playing circumstances occur.
Even Eliot Jacobson, a seasoned advantage player and founder of Jacobson Gaming LLC, would attest to the efficacy of Illustrious 18.
Still, he warns that no matter how lucrative this method could be, there would be limitations.
This is why I believe the 18-point deviation should only be practiced by experienced card counters after intensive months — please click for source even years — of practice.
About The Author I ko blackjack indexes chart math and cards.
That might seem like an odd combination, but cards and games of chance are merely mathematical problems in probability.
I was first introduced to card-playing during a mathematics experiment at school.
I became fascinated with the idea that one could predict what cards were left in the deck just by watching and applying some fairly simple math principles.
This website not only teaches you how to play the game of Blackjack, but it also teaches you how to apply math to the game so that the odds truly are in your favor.