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Las Vegas Trip Report | SmarterTravel
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Event Guide – Indianapolis Monthly
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Author: Jaco Date of Trip: April 2008 No, this was not a good start.
Hurtling down the runway at 135 mph, I had the distinct feeling that our pilot had lost control of his airplane.
I felt pretty confident that our pilot was NOT attempting to take off with his eyes closed.
Prior to getting on the plane in Phoenix, I consciously sought out a flag to see if the wind was heavy.
Maybe our pilot was just having a laugh.
But fifteen minutes into the flight, the constant thuds of the plane flying through the rough air was far from humorous.
Nor was the announcement from the steward that no hot liquids would be served on this flight due to the turbulence.
I tried not to focus on whether or not turbulence can weaken the structural integrity of a plane, or whether or not my sweatshirt would work as a parachute if I needed to ditch out of the plane at 35,000 feet.
I never could come up with a good backstory on these blokes.
Finally I just settled on shutting my eyes and counting backwards from 10,000.
And I was in Las Vegas.
First order of business was getting out of the airport as quick as I could.
I flew in on US Airways, a first, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had landed at a gate that did not require riding that stupid train.
I engaged my speed walk gait and made record time to the limo stand.
No line, nobody there and two seconds later I was speeding towards the Wynn in a nice black Crown Victoria.
I told the driver she smelled really nice and our speed picked up quite a bit.
Awesome, he had gotten the trip started off nicely and I only hoped that his luck would rub off.
I overpaid the driver and dragged my own bag into the Wynn.
I love this place.
We walked quickly over to check in — I could really feel the money burning a hole in my pocket.
I grabbed a few bills out of my money envelope and we hit the floor.
I had no doubt my special machine would remember me.
Take a left, walk along the corridor closest to the wall, take a right at the main thoroughfare, then a left when you hear the Top Gun Machines, continue straight until you hear Wheel of Fortune games singing their song, proceed twelve more paces and take a seat.
We decided to pool our money together and split any profits.
Oh, sure, I get it, the machines read more to play hard to get.
I was cool with that.
Um, is that anyway to treat your favorite button pusher?
Fifteen minutes in and I was getting bled like a Christmas hog.
No amount of rubbing, stroking, or licking would get these machines to warm up.
For some reason, I was being shunned.
That really hurt my heart.
So we moved onto Jackpot Party.
I was a little wary of playing the Jackpot Party game because of the luck I had had last month.
Sure enough, it ate my money.
And ate my money.
And ate my money.
I was already in full money flush mode.
It was time to take a freaking break.
Thank goodness it was lunch time.
I thought it would be a good idea if I got an adjoining room next to Whale Jo.
So I asked for a room on an upper floor.
So I got put on the 35th floor, but with a very nice strip view.
Gosh, I really do love the Wynn.
From the moment you enter the room, you are ensconced in a tiny little oasis from the madness of the strip.
Classical music gently wafts from the TV, the room is immaculate, smells wonderful, and the bed.
But, no time to delay, I quickly unpacked and took some more money out of my envelope.
There would be no budgeting of gambling funds on this trip.
That could be costly.
Whale Jo and I decided to try lunch at the Country Club — and what an amazing choice.
It was about 2 p.
We were shown to an outside table overlooking the 18th hole.
Amazing view and hard to believe you are in the middle of Vegas — which, I guess, was Mr.
I had a Cobb Salad and a bunch of beers.
Everything in the salad was extremely fresh, flavorful and savory.
Whoever is making salads over at SW Steakhouse and committing saladcide could use a lesson or two from the Country Club.
Just the perfect balance of dressing, greens, and the usual Cobb adornments.
I swear I saw little salad ferries hiding amidst the crumbled blue cheese and bacon.
Or, that could have been the start of heat stroke — take your pick.
words. when to hit on 16 in blackjack opinion was soon over and my battery was recharged.
Whale Jo and I decided it was time to head to new environs, so we picked Palazzo.
My first impression of the Palazzo was this.
The casino had no real vibe, was very cavernous, had too much light, and all the dealers appeared to be pouting.
We started off randomly playing various slot and video poker machines.
The nowin virus I had contracted over at the Wynn apparently had followed me to Palazzo.
Easy enough problem to fix — just sit down at a BJ game.
We found an open table — actually, there were a lot of these — and sat down and started playing.
I noticed ole Whale Jo was betting big.
I started betting big.
Anyway, all of a sudden we were being given the hard sell on Palazzo and the Https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/pch-com-games-blackjack.html treatment.
I wish I had grabbed multiple packs.
Offers of suites and restaurants.
She relented and told us to call on our next trip to see what she could do for us.
As the game progressed, I actually did OK.
Right over to another BJ table that is.
And got run over by a truck.
Thankfully, I had a little time to cool off before having to head out to dinner.
I changed my threads, took more money out of the safe, and waited for Whale Jo down in the main pit.
I stuck some money in a random slot machine.
OK, that was something.
Dinner reservations were blackjack double down syrah 2020 Prime.
We got to Bellagio with no time to spare and were immediately seated.
First we were led to a table in a dark corner of the restaurant, but there was some ancient looking fellow sipping soup at the table.
For some reason, this frightened our poor host, and she immediately led us back out to the front.
She whispered something to another host and we were quickly led to another table, far away from the darkness.
Dinner was an A+.
Drinks: Grey Goose Martini — I really wondered what it would have been like if I could have miniaturized myself and taken a swim in this drink.
I probably could have lived read more quite a while in one of those olives.
The combo of the hard exterior, soft interior reminded me of some fair maiden from overseas.
I love my steak tartar and Prime hit the mark with this dish.
The meat and various mixtures were extraordinarily delicious — but it was served with some sort of stale piece of bread.
I kinda like toast points or crackers.
Wine: The only real miss of the night.
We decided to ask the wine dude to pick something French out — something from Bordeaux — so he did and it was a little shallow.
Anyway, I had to cane the bottle so we could get a new one.
I picked the second one out — a 2005 Stags Leap Petite Syrah.
If I had been a little more drunk, I would have stood up and given the steak a standing ovation.
This is what I had been looking for — this is was the steak of my dreams.
A nice little filet, perfectly cooked, expertly seasoned, and nirvana for my mouth.
It was dark enough that I was able to give it a little French kiss.
Oh, and we had a great table too — looked right out at the fountains, which just added to the excitement of eating a perfect steak.
Whale Jo graciously picked up the tab — hell of a dude for doing so if you ask me.
Now it was time to game.
I felt that Bellagio would be where I made my comeback.
First a little slot machine action.
Maybe a little VP.
OK, how about the tables.
This trip was starting to blow.
With my pockets empty, I decided it was time to call it a night.
However, Whale Jo still had a little gaming left in him, so I accompanied him to the high limit room.
She must have listened.
Between her and another dealer, Mr.
Soon the big bets were flowing.
It went like this for quite a while.
Until some dude tapped in to deal — a professional cooler.
In the span of about six minutes, he cleaned Whale Jo out.
That made MY stomach hurt.
We stumbled out of there and the last thing I really remember that night is getting back to the Wynn, taking some more money out of my stash and also taking money out of an ATM and losing it all.
My sleep was very troubled.
But, as we all know.
What the heck is Aquaman doing dealing blackjack.
Why am I using grapes as chips?
Is there any reason why Sally Field is sitting next to me and hugging me?
Why is Wolf Blitzer bringing me martinis with olives that look like Anderson Cooper.
Oh crud, the olives have little tiny mouths and though they are moving and obviously swearing at me, the only sound coming out of those mouths is that of a phone ringing.
Then I wake up.
And reality hits me hard.
And the phone is ringing.
I pick up the cordless right next to the bed.
Usually an easy task to answer a cordless, unfortunately I had a slight case of early morning Vegas hangover-tardation.
I did my best sea lion impression and flopped out of bed, onto the floor, and wormed myself over to the desk where the old fashioned cord phone lay.
I make Barry White sound like a soprano.
I look at the clock.
Just a hair before 9:30 a.
Turns out that Whale Jo stayed out a little later and made back everything he had lost at the Bellagio — all of it.
This kind of action at the Wynn had put him on click radar and he was ready to take advantage of it.
Of course, before hitting the pool area, I needed some coffee.
I hit the new free blackjack and went to the little cafe in the drugstore at Wynn.
The dude in front of me ordered some breakfast bagel — I almost threw up looking at it.
Just a good ole cup of black coffee.
I looked at his credits — 400-something.
I should give it a try.
I stuck a bill in and it disappeared in ten seconds.
please click for source machines are crack.
Whale Jo got his creds up to around 1,000 and cashed out.
It was time to go visit the Jackpot Party machines.
I got female dog-slapped.
Soon I was laughing, almost crying, at the fact that I had fifty-five cents left in the machine.
Well, perhaps it was a good time to check out the pool.
Gambling could take a seat for a while.
Whale Jo and I headed to the pool area, checked in with the cabana host and had some little scrawny dude lead us to 111.
Also, you get noticed by the babies.
Of course, were I a better looking Mog, those looks would be one of awe and not shock.
Seriously — I think they must type-case these dudes straight from some of those stupid poker shows on Bravo or Fuel.
Oh well, I had my space, so who really cares.
We ordered a little lunch and I proceeded to try and catch a quick nap.
Whale Jo went to the pool casino area for some action.
Eventually the food came, I ate it, then went to the pool casino as well.
After a couple hours more of lying around, it was time to try and get back on the horse.
I went back to the casino, got some more money and sat back down at the Jackpot Party machine.
OK, in writing this, I can see now what an idiot I was — I should have played with more money.
I knew I could win it back.
And what do you know.
I started hitting it.
So I went back to the machine.
My luck had turned — right?
I figured that was an anomaly — I blackjack double down syrah 2020 to be hot.
I stuck more money in.
I cash out and go look for Whale Jo.
Hmm, he must be taking a break.
I head back to the machine.
And pumped more money in.
Now it was serious nap time — I was in the midst of a true meltdown.
So I slinkered back up to my room, got under continue reading covers, and immediately zonked out.
Until the phone rang.
It was Whale Jo — his wonderful lady had just arrived in town and they were ready to have some fun.
I splashed some mouthwash under my arms and headed back down to the casino to meet Whale Jo blackjack double down syrah 2020 his fair maiden.
First order of business was to have some cocktails and conversation.
I would have to make my last stand later in the night.
It was now time to return to Okada.
For those of you who read my TR from last June, you may remember my love of this place — especially the food.
Have you ever had food so good that you want learn more here bring it home with you to meet Ma?
OK, maybe not like that.
But seriously, one of the ways I judge whether or not a joint has good food is whether or not it stimulates the creative part of my brain.
Whale Jo and I opted for the Macha Tini.
Whale Jo-ette had some pomegranate dealio that tasted like it had no booze — the waiter called it a sniper drink.
Eventually we were ushered to our seats — a very nice table with a perfect view of the Wynn water feature.
As chaotic and claustrophobic as SW Steakhouse was, Okada exudes the exact opposite.
There is space, there is perfect lighting, there is architecture that makes SENSE.
I wish, I really wish, Stevie had opted to put Murphy Beds in Okada.
Allow me to summarize our dining experience: Appetizers: We ordered basically the same thing as last year.
We also went back to the lobster with uni — it was good — but something was slightly askew with the doneness of the lobster.
No biggy — our fault for dipping into the well again.
Whale Jo also opted for some sort of goose liver dish — he wanted something decadent.
Sushi: An A+ with one little transgression.
I ordered for the table and opted for a selection of maguro, chu-toro, toro-oh, kampachi, albacore, and salmon.
Every piece, save one, was perfect temperature, perfect consistency, perfect size, and perfectly perfect.
I dare say that each fish that gave up its life, so that a matchbox size of its flesh could make sweet love to my mouth, is proudly smiling in fish heaven.
That, or I have an overactive imagination regarding good food.
Either way — this sushi rocks.
I could see from looking at it that the chef likely cut this one a little to close to the bone or tail or fin — or whatever fishy body part that allows a gigantic piece of sinew to ingratiate itself into the meat.
Ugh, I shudder recounting this.
But here I go.
I reached down with my chopsticks, fully aware that I might encounter something that was completely unchewable.
I put the fish in my mouth and commenced masticating.
First chew — nice.
Second chew — nicer.
Hey, maybe my eyes had deceived check this out />It felt like I was biting into the webbed foot of a duck.
OK, maybe that tough piece of whatever had dissolved.
I threw some sake in my blackjack double down syrah 2020 just in case.
My teeth stuck to whatever it was.
My eyes started to water.
I began to get worried.
My gag reflux had been initiated.
I smiled politely at Whale Jo and Joette, pretending that I had the hiccups.
That loosened my teeth and I was able to chew again.
But I could not break down the gristle.
I was left with two choices — either I could discreetly spit it out into my napkin and then worry the rest of the night that it might fall out at some inopportune moment, or I could try swallowing and risk throwing up, or worse, blackjack double down syrah 2020 />The thought of feeling the jagged edges of sinew rub against my neck made me gag some more.
I had to choose now, or things would get real bad.
I chased it with sake and beer and wasabi and ginger and.
No barf, no choking.
I noted with some horror that one piece of the toro remained.
For me, the best it has to offer is the uni.
And it was time to order up my closing piece of the night.
Oh sweet joy, sweet uni, sweet little gift of the sea.
But tonight, despite the bad luck I had endured at the tables, was my night.
The uni was glorious.
I should have sung to my uni, I should have bowed to my uni, I should have done something special for that uni because it sure did something good for me.
Ok that makes no sense.
True to his generous form, Whale Jo again picked up the tab — he was confident that this meal would be on Mr.
I looked at my watch — it was starting to get late — I had changed my flight to get out of town in the early morning and knew I had to cash in within the next few hours.
I believe the three of us wandered around just roulette oder blackjack little bit, gambled some I lostand then spied a table completely open.
I put my remaining funds on the table.
I looked over at Whale Jo with his fortress of chips.
I noticed that both Whale Jo and his lady were winning.
I was happy for them.
Until I lost my loaner.
I looked at Whale Jo.
He passed over another K.
I lost a few more hands.
And then, it happened.
Now only one more Whale Jo marker to go.
And the hits kept coming.
It took about 10 minutes and I was able to ship back the other loaner marker to my buddy.
Now I was on Jaco-cash.
All I really wanted was a couple hundred to help pay for taxi, food, and drink in the morning.
It truly seemed as if he wanted us to win.
Sure, a lot of dealers give off that vibe — but how continue reading of them do it with a Swiss accent?
I think when he dealt out A-K; A-Q; K-J to the three of us remember, single deck we all knew this guy was special.
So, I kept betting, and I kept winning.
Then, my final hand.
But, as it turns out, I probably ended up leaving at the peak of my luck.
Boom, out comes 7-7.
I nervously watched Whale Joette play her hand — I think she got 20, at this point, things go quite foggy.
All I know is that Danny turned a card over.
I just about wet myself and broke my wrist giving out high-fives at the same time.
Right after that hand ended, Whale Joette told Danny she was coloring up.
Why the heck push it.
I pushed my stacks of black in.
So, that was it.
We meandered through the slot machines — I watched Whale Jo try and make a quick hit on some Wolf slot.
I think he just wanted to howl and impress his lady.
I took my four bumblebees to the cage and cashed out.
This trip had turned out OK after all.
I headed back up to my room — posted quickly on TA — then did a little jig for the gambling gods as the masses below ebbed and flowed into the dens of iniquity.
So, tempted to play, I just sat at a machine and waited until 7.
Once 7 rolled around, I took my little Red Card out and asked the nice lady if there was anything she could do for me.
I have no idea what table rating I had, but I do know I had over 10,000 points accumulated from slot and VP pay.
He had the power to do something and zeroed out my room.
I smiled — I please click for source stayed for free at the Wynn.
The only thing I ended up paying for was a bottle of water and the stupid movie I ordered and watched for only two minutes.
And, that was that.
I left for the airport, flew home in first class.
So, the story ends.
When will I be back?
Probably not until March or April 2009.
I do think Whale Jo and I might be heading with our ladies to Napa.
Thanks for reading and to those who are heading out to Vegas soon.
© 2020 Smarter Travel Media LLC.

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Norwegian (NCL) Family & Kid Friendly Cruise Reviews (2010 UPDATED): Ratings of Family & Kid Friendly Cruise Norwegian (NCL) Cruises
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Norwegian (NCL) Family & Kid Friendly Cruise Reviews (2010 UPDATED): Ratings of Family & Kid Friendly Cruise Norwegian (NCL) Cruises
blackjack double down syrah 2020

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Book now at Burnt Truffle in Heswall, Merseyside. Explore menu, see photos and read 331 reviews: "The food was absolutely beautiful, the staff were attentive ...

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Las Vegas Trip Report | SmarterTravel
blackjack double down syrah 2020

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We turn the car shopping experience upside down. How many times have you spent hours looking at cars then having your heart set on one only to find the ...

Las Vegas Trip Report | SmarterTravel
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Wines Vines Analytics
Indiana Convention Center Indiana History Center Indiana Landmarks Indiana Repertory Theatre Indiana Repertory Theatre, Inc.
Indiana Roof Ballroom Indiana State Fairgrounds Indiana State Museum Indianapolis Art Center Marilyn K.
Glick School of Art Indianapolis Marriott Downtown Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Indianapolis Zoo IndyFringe IUPUI Campus JW Marriott Indianapolis Loeb Playhouse Long-Sharp Gallery Lucas Estate Lucas Oil Stadium Marian University Theater Mass Ave Monument Circle Newfields Old National Centre Pavilion at Pan Am Plaza Phoenix Theater Radio!
Ritz Charles Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Blackjack double down syrah 2020 Scottish Rite Cathedral Spades Park St.
Shephan AARP ABA Abbey Coffee Co.
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Lopez Anatoly Petrov Ancient Grains And Then They Came For Me play Anderson Cooper Anderson Indiana Anderson Orchard Andi Hauser Andre Agassi Andre Carson Andre Courreges Andre Johnson Andrea Haydon Andrea Hunley Andrea Jackson Andrea Johnson Andrea Martin Blackjack double down syrah 2020 Morehead Andrea Russett Andretti Andretti Autosport Andretti Racing Andretti Winery Andrew Bird Andrew Brake Andrew Camp Andrew Cohn Andrew Griswold Andrew Huff Andrew Lannerd Andrew Levy Andrew Lloyd Webber Andrew Luck Andrew Luck Blackjack double down syrah 2020 Club Andrew Luck Retirement Andrew Martin Andrew Porter Andrew Smith Andrew Whitmoyer Andrew Young Andrews Balduino Andy Chabot Andy Cohen Andy Murphy Andy Murray Andy Shamel Andy Skinner Andy Warhol Angel Angel Wings Angela Ahrendts Angela Braly Angela Brown Angela Buchman Angela Palm Angela Smith Jones Angelo Pizzo Angelo's Food Market Angelos ANGi Helmet Angie Crouse Angie Hicks Angie Jakad Fisher Angie Meyers Designs Angie Stocklin Angie Wendricks Angie's List Grand Prix Angies List Animal Control animal preserve animals Anissa Zajac Ann Dancing Ann Lathrop Ann Luther Ann Patchett Ann Taylor Anna Chatten Anna de Ferran Anna Greeley Anna's Style Boutique Annabelles Garden Annapurna Anne Collins Anne Dougans Anne Frank Anne Laker Anne Maria Lorenzano Anne Nicole Beck Anne P.
Apple Orchard Apple Picking Apres Sweat April 2015 April 2016 April 2017 Aprimo Aqua Zumba AquaBounty aquaculture AquAdvantage Arbor Arcadia Arcadia May Festival Archdiocese https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/online-blackjack-real-money.html Indianapolis Archer's Meats Archery Archibishop Charles Thompson Archie Manning Archie Miller Architect Architectural Antiques of Indianapolis Architectural Forum magazine architecture Archives Arden area code arepas Arhaus Aric Forbing Arie Luyendyk Arie Luyendyk Jr.
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Comiskey Daniel Ulbricht Daniel's Vineyard Danielle McDowell Danny Boy Beer Works Danny Granger Danny Huston danny moyer Danny Salgado Danny Tunks Danville Daquiri Daredevil Brewery Daredevil Brewing Daredevil Hall Daredevil Taproom Dario Franchitti Darius Rucker Dark Horse Delicatessen Darrell Hammer Darrell Hazell Darren McGavin Darren Rovell Darrin Marion Darrin's Coffee Darrin's Coffee Co.
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Debs Eugene White eugenics Euphoria Europe European bread Indianapolis European bread Indy European Wax Center Eva Holland Eva Maison Evan Bayh Evan Knox Evan Lurie Evan Todd Spa Evan Turner Evan West Evan Williams Bourbon Evans Scholars Evans Woollen Evans Woollen III Evans Woollen Jr Evanston Illinois Evansville Evansville dining Evansville Museum of Arts History and Science Evening with the Stars Event events Everett Flotch Evereve Everhart Studio Evernote Everywhere We Look Evil Czech Brewery and Public House Evo Rock + Fitness Evolution MKE ExactTarget Exemption exercise Exhibit Exhibit Columbus Exhibition Exhibition Columbus exhibits Exodus Refugee exorcism exorcist Experience Columbus experimental hops expert advice explore Explore Brown County Express Express store Extraterrestrial Eye Opener Cafe eyewear Ezkenazi Health Ezras Enlightened Cafe EZs Fusion Zone F.
Frona Mae Frona Mae Dessert Cafe Frosty Boy Drive-In Frosty Boy K froyo Frozen Frozen in Time frozen pie frozen yogurt fruit fry basket Fuel Fuel the Female Full Hand Farm Full Moon Milk fun Function Brewing fundraiser funerals funk Fur Peace Ranch Furious Spoon furnishings furniture Fuseks True Value Future Farmer Fuzzy Zoeller G Michael Salon G Thrapp Jewelers G.
General American Donut Company General Assembly General Hospital general store Genetically Modified Organism genetics Geneva Genie's Closet Gennett Mansion Gennett Records Geodes Geoffrey Coyle George Clinton George Gershwin George Gipp George H.
Bush George Haskins George Hill George Kalamaras George Kirk George Knox George McGinnis George Michael George Munoz George Phalen George R.
Dale George Rapp George Rogers Clark George Srour George Steinbrenner IV George Takei George Taliaferro George Thomas Flowers George Turkette George W.
Bush George's Mexican Tacos Georgeanna Smith Georges Neighborhood Grill Georgetown Alterations Georgetown Market Georgia Georgia Reese's Georgia St.
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Rosewater God Land GoDaddy Godspeed You!
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broke down her door and ripped the phone from her hands before.. Bernardus Winery, De Tierra Vineyards, Hahn Family Wines, Morgan Winery, Scheid Family Wines, Silvestri... 2019-2020 fiscal year with a $12,303 surplus, according to.... (per person based on double occupancy).... BLACKJACK.

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St. Francis Winery & Vineyards acquired a 80-acre Chardonnay vineyard.... wine reviews by 2020 and will announce other new reviewers in early 2018.... In her new role, Trotta will be responsible for the Double Lariat and Reata brands.... Jeff Hansen is stepping down as winemaker of Lula Cellars in the Anderson ...

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If I were a rich man, Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.
All day long I'd biddy biddy bum.
If I were a wealthy man.
Off to buy Powerball ticket.
Shall I get one for the two of us?
I feel like such a sucker.
But we might as well enjoy the fantasy until tomorrow.
Hypothetical money is the root of much speculation.
I was staying with my family in southern Wisconsin, and the Madison TV station my parents watch did Powerball stories for three days straight.
Predictable bits: How much will the taxes be?
Tweet it to the station.
And, oh yeah, Wisconsin Gov.
Scott Walker hints at running for a third term.
The Wall Street Journal created that visually depicted the odds of winning: one tiny pixel at the end of many, many scrolling pages of tiny, tiny specks.
I texted the numbers for this shared ticket to here friend.
I was not the only person to equate lottery winnings to expensive wine acquisition, turns out.
The chimed in with their fondest wine wishes, all of which seem to involve wine from France.
I blackjack double down syrah 2020 build a marvelous climate-controlled wine cellar and enhance my modest collection with some remarkable bottles.
But why stop there?
With this much money, why not buy a winery in the heart of beautiful Sonoma County?
I would walk the green fields, helping to prune the vines, enjoying morning barrel tastings and hosting blending parties with my friends.
My sprawling Xanadu would have many guest rooms, a huge kitchen, fireplaces, custom tile and an eclectic art collection featuring the works of artists from the center of my universe—you know, California and Nevada.
In fact, to heck with those schmancy French wines.
Let the editors of Wine Spectator compete for Euro-wine-hipster cred.
I love the wines of here.
Barberas from the Sierra foothills.
Paso Robles GSMs and cabernet sauvignon from the vineyards near St.
As it turns out, I already possess many of yummy bottles of the above.
Actually … pruning grapes?
Hanging out with wine geniuses?
None of that is out of reach now, to be honest.
Life is pretty good, even if the Australian malbec is meh.
Only a couple of lottery winners have gone belly up or worse.
But financial security certainly contributes to life satisfaction.
I like to tell myself that—if I win, I would be smart about spending.
My first monied moves would not likely involve wine, other than indulging in a celebratory bottle of one of my keeper cabernet sauvignons, like Markham Vineyards 2010 The Altruist, a remarkable birthday gift.
By the time Jan.
I hypothesized that I would take the lump sum payout if I won.
I would invest in varied ways, spending earnings, not touching the principal.
And buy a food truck are blackjack guide to betting think my entrepreneurial offspring and a car that runs for my daughter-in-law.
Everyone would go to the dentist.
If I were a rich woman, I would join many wine clubs.
My odds are better with single-deck blackjack.
This is a fine way to start a quirky Humboldt County wine-tasting tour.
The winery is remote—in the Six Rivers National Forest, not far from the bustling unincorporated community of Orleans, which is 12 miles east of Weitchpec.
This area is better known for crops other than wine.
The Coates Winery is a 12.
About 15 wineries are listed as members on a website.
Several more listed as nonmembers.
Coates is one of the latter.
https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/reglas-blackjack-europeo.html is northern Northern California.
The Troutmobile slows through a residential area.
A familiar smell wafts through the window—pungent, spicy, potentially intoxicating.
The sun shines, a rarity.
Recent rains have made the hills green alongside Highway 299, a logging road that moves inland from the Pacific Coast to Redding.
The drive to Coates takes us off 299 in Willow Creek, well before Redding.
A love of wine makes us all fast friends.
We share memories of remarkable tastings in Amador County, Sonoma, Paso Robles and Southern Washington.
Advice is shared, recommendations made.
We drink other fine bottles.
These are my kind of people.
Our designated driver herds us back into the Troutmobile.
In Weitchpec, we turn east and drive along the Klamath River to Orleans.
A fire crackles in a woodstove.
Robin Coates ushers us into the kitchen where bottles of red wine are lined up on a bar.
The varietal makes me think of Tuscany.
Our talk turns to wines with which one might start the day, and Norman Coates suggests his trebbiano, the Italian white from grapes he planted in the 1990s.
Debate ensues as to whether one drinks the wine before coffee or after it.
The winery is not open to the public.
The couple prefers that people visit the website and, you know, buy the wine at area stores.
Talk turns to crime in Humboldt County.
We taste the syrah and a delectable cabernet sauvignon—lighter than many California cabs and superbly drinkable.
We eat cheese and pate and sourdough rye baked this morning.
We buy wine and tote two cases down the dark road.
Giggling in the moonlight, we climb back into the Troutmobile and head back to the coast.
I seem to remember someone passing around a bag of gummy peach rings.
But I might have been dreaming, dozing in the comfy bucket seat.
You can make tofu taste like Italian sausage.
You can toy with the texture, just a speck, so that a person eating your tofu chili will barely notice the curdled soy product.
This works best if the just click for source grub is served with a seductive red wine—one that holds up to the challenge, complementing chili, cumin, onion and black beans.
It has a funky hue I call Barney purple.
Tangy zingy zang on the finish.
Our animated blend is at the Stage where it is drinkable now, or may be Left for a few years.
Nor does the Twisted Oak website give me clues as to which grape varietals went into this wine.
Wine is complicated, mysterious.
These days, my world is full of intriguing new pairings.
My husband, Dave, and I have lived the commuter-marriage life for five years now.
That has translated to weekend honeymoons with hiking, cooking, art, music, movies and wine sipped in languid bliss under star-studded skies.
On a together weekend, Dave might leave Reno early, drive all day and meet me at a wine bar for happy hour.
Bake a loaf of fresh bread.
Pop open a delectable cabernet sauvignon.
This has added a hearty dose of reality to honeymoon weekends.
Dave arrived for a recent visit early and headed straight to the house.
I was at work.
The dogs barked and wagged.
He cleaned, did laundry, made my bed.
We met at a bank to do some financial hoo-ha-ing.
Finally, we went to the wine bar, a teensy bit exhausted.
A 2009 Moonstone Crossing Amador County mourvedre revived us with its earthy fruits.
That night, we ate pumpkin soup and pasta.
The next night, we enjoyed broccoli pizza.
On Day Three, I concocted a giant pot of tofu chili.
Did I mention that my adult children are vegetarians?
As you might have guessed from the previous mention of steak, Dave and I are not.
At least not yet.
A meat option is a rare addition to the menu.
No one is stopping us from eating meat.
In fact, next time Dave comes, I might buy juicy steaks.
Dave and I had both been complaining about red meat hangovers—the digestive unpleasantness that lasts for 12 to 18 hours after ingesting seared cow flesh.
Cancer experts who rigorously reviewed hundreds of scientific studies have concluded that red meats are strongly linked to colorectal cancer.
Red-meat consumption is also linked to lung, esophageal, stomach and pancreatic cancer.
Life is 100 percent fatal.
I enjoy bites of juicy red meat between sips of a fine cab.
Tannic red wines, with their astringent mouth feel, pair well with meat.
One theory explains that the fatty texture of meat is balanced by the dry feel of the wine.
A vegetarian website offers such this web page for even the reddest of reds.
A cabernet sauvignon, for example, might pair well with grilled veggies, barbecue sauces, garlicky things, and aged or stinky cheeses.
After putting me on hold for research, a friendly wine-room employee parsed the blend out at 60 percent petit verdot, 20 percent cabernet sauvignon and 20 petite sirah.
OK, on to the secrets of tofu alteration: To transform tofu from the realm of slices, slabs and cubes, freeze it.
This alters the texture of the curdled soy.
Squeeze the water out.
Break it up into bits and globs that almost resemble ground beef.
I used chili sauce, cayenne pepper, thyme, oregano, dried parsley, salt, nottingham blackjack pepper, cumin and fennel.
Toss this concoction until the tofu bits are evenly coated.
Sear the tofu in olive oil until it gets as brown and crispy as you desire.
Then add to soup.
I sautéed onions, garlic, bell peppers, jalapeno and two stalks of celery, and tossed those in as well.
Until we added cheese and sour cream later, this qualified as vegan chili.
Dave said he enjoyed the batch.
Dawn came morning after morning with smoldering red-orange skylines.
Wide swaths of charred hills and valleys were left in its wake.
multiplayer online those grapes are wine.
Not for months or years.
Sweetland tips the wine into my glass.
Folks have nicknamed this the Rim Fire Red, she says.
Her description of smoke gives me pause.
Notes of charred air are there, yes, but these subtle tones are balanced expertly with brighter eruptions of growing things—savory herbs and brambly berries.
What does it take to coax this complexity from grapes that spent the weeks before harvest saturated in smoke?
In Tuolumne County, this guru of grapes is Chuck Hovey.
Hovey, 60, got his start at in San Jose, and made wines at in Murphys for more than 20 years.
In 2008, Hovey started his own label.
Hovey is a legend in Tuolumne and Calaveras county wine-making.
Now the legend is facing his own fires.
https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/pch-com-games-blackjack.html the summer, Hovey survived two strokes and had to have a craniectomy.
While Hovey recovers this fall, his shoes are being filled by wine-making apprentice Cody LaPertche.
At Gianelli Vineyards tasting room in Jamestown, Dave and I encounter a dozen award-winning wines that Hovey crafted from grapes grown a few miles out of town.
A list of 2013 distinctions includes 11 wines that won a combined 26 awards.
Nothing strikes us as bland or acidic or even less than fabulous.
Several are so delicious that we roll our eyes back and make happy sighs.
Between the two is a pan-for-nuggets tourist shop.
This is gold country, after all.
She puts in a plug for a recent production while also talking knowledgeably about the local wine scene.
Sweetland fell read article love with Inner Sanctum because of the Torro 3.
On a recent birthday, her partner was cooking up burgers with blue cheese and Portobello mushrooms.
Hoping for a spectacular pairing, she brought home the Rim Fire Red.
Sweetland had been pregnant.
Her midwife had advised staying home, and not going out https://tayorindustry.com/blackjack/empire-casino-blackjack-rules.html breathe the dangerous air.
She recalls how the layers of smoke converged, most afternoons, to form a mushroom cloud.
Though perhaps more widely known for craft beers, The Standard Pour offers a few Inner Sanctum wines.
I order a glass of the Rim Fire Red, pairing it with a tangy brussel sprout and bacon appetizer.
For dessert, I drink The Don, toasting the fine work of winemaker Hovey, and offering best wishes for his full and speedy recovery.
Weather report for a dry, summer Friday afternoon in the Temecula Valley: Sunny, light wind, temps in the 90s.
In Temecula, the grenache varietal is ideal for the crafting of a complex rosé.
Tavizon says the winery has played around with a few varietals for its rosés, but the grenache stands out.
And the weather report for fall?
Not too long ago, I would have snubbed any wine the color of that wine-like substance that gramps buys by the six-pack at Costco.
Water condensed in the heat, wetting the label.
I watched as another guest tipped the bottle to the side and examined the bottle copy.
He set the wine down and, instead, polished off a pinot gris.
My wine geek friend opened the bottle of pinkness and poured some for me.
She would not steer me into the land of unpleasant beverages.
It paired nicely with everything from cucumbers to salmon.
One of my favorites?
And if the Calaveras Rosa is any indication, you should.
But an encounter with the lighter version of the grape is like meeting Marilyn Manson as an adolescent Brian Hugh Warner: You just know this kid is going to end up seriously interesting.
The Calaveras Rosa is complicated like that, with dark fruits waiting to be discovered behind a crooked smile and clear complexion.
Bring on the 2013.
The 2012 vintage nabbed a gold in the 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and a gold in the 2014 Pacific Rim Wine Competition.
Its 2011 Special Selection Rose of Sangiovese won 10 awards.
My idea of a glorious autumn afternoon might include zipping over to Callaway with a picnic basket, attaining a chilled bottle and kicking back in the shade at a table overlooking acres of ripe grapes.
Quick note: Some of blackjack double down syrah 2020 family members and friends do not appreciate dry, aka delicious wine.
Gramps, as noted above, lusts for white zin.
She is extremely cute and good-natured.
I like her lots.
She added orange-mango juice and made mimosas.
I keep my head down.
Many options exist for, say, a meal that demands a wine with higher residual sugar.
Monte De Oro, off Rancho California Road in Blackjack double down syrah 2020, crafts a lovely off-dry rosé from five blackjack double down syrah 2020 grapes—syrah, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc and zinfandel.
The winery educates consumers of rosés at its website, describing how the winemaker uses the saignee style—pulling grape juice from various fermentations after just a few days, allowing only limited contact with red-grape skins.
Winemakers who use this style can end up with exquisite roses and also, some argue, more intensely concentrated reds down the road.
Steward says he would serve the Synergy with a spicy Thai dinner—the sweet would balance the heat.
This is about creeping age and rolling green hills.
Dave and I drive the hybrid to Paso Robles the week before I turn 50.
As age advances, though, I sense in myself less barrel-tasting wildness and more smoothness, like velvet syrah cellared with a cool film of crusty particulates forming over a bottle.
Its once-beloved plumishness feels gooey to us now.
We taste and shrug.
Seems the price of boutique wine is escalating—supply and demand, baby—at the same time as our, you know, palates are improving.
Credit card debt looms.
Dave and I arrive at around 10:30 a.
Many people are blackjack double down syrah 2020 back at tables on the patio already.
Knowledgeable servers deliver tastes of wine paired with various cheeses.
Grenache grapes—with bright red berry and spice flavors—most often dominate the blends.
Syrah contributes inky depths and structure.
Mourvedre gives it the mysterious and ruddy elegance.
Or pour it all over my lover and, well, you know.
I need more mourvedre.
Jada is one of about 200 member wineries of the.
Since the 1980s, Central Coast winemakers have riffed on southern Rhone wine styles with creative finesse.
Every trip to Paso Robles should include a visit to the Albertsons on Niblick Road.
Buy enough wine, and a 30 percent discount kicks in.
I will have caps to sniff.
The kind folks at Tobin James send us to.
We spend the longest time ata family winery with excellent everything.
There, Travis Hutchinson talks us into joining the club in order to nab a couple bottles of the 2011 Boneyard.
Hutchinson invites us to stay for cheeseburgers.
We have other plans, but we appreciate the invite.
A final recommended stop: the new guys on the block.
Brecon is a teeny outfit with only a few wines released so far.
I buy this bottle as a gift to myself for my 55th birthday.
But the mourvedre will make it all better.
The moon lights the way to my cottage.
A lantern glows inside.
Friends knock and enter, bringing veggies and bread.
I pour sweet golden mead into clay mugs.
Folks pull out hand-crafted instruments.
We build a bonfire under the stars, dancing and feasting until dawn.
OK, back to reality.
For two weeks, my mead had been fermenting feistily.
Then not so much.
After a couple of weeks, the bubbling business slowed and seemed to stop.
I reported that the specific gravity measured 1.
Thank you, Internet, for giving me chem lessons so I can break bad in my home lab.
The specific gravity of water is 1.
Pure alcohol is 0.
My mead, as you can see, is quite dense.
Fermentation slows and stops eventually.
But my mead is still too sweet and only boasts about 5.
While honey contains all the nutrients required by bees and humansyeast is needier.
As the sugar transforms docslot portal physio alcohol, my yeast needs another shot of nutrients—a concoction containing amino and unsaturated fatty acids and the kinds of stuff that I could probably get from crushing up a multi-vitamin.
Rather than mash up my Geritol, visit web page, I obtain a packet of tan powder called yeast nutrient, and unscrew the wide-mouth air-lock cap on the mead.
I place my hydrometer in the mead and give it a gentle spin.
When it stops moving, I take a reading.
Not too syrupy, a bit effervescent.
So in goes the nutrients, and the concoction bubbles like madness.
Happy yeast makes tasty mead.
Two weeks or so ago, my husband, Dave, and I started our first batch of mead.
You can make mistakes, and the mead will most likely survive.
After equipment, buying honey is the priciest aspect of mead-making.
Why are we buying honey when Dave keeps bees in his backyard, where they feast on red raspberries, roses and lavender?
Of course, Dave can be a little finicky.
We also had six gallons of filtered water, a thermometer, a hydrometer and a 6.
We had sanitizer to clean a long stirring spoon, cups and measuring utensils.
We had Prise de Mousse wine yeast, nutrients, tartaric acid and Irish moss for clarity.
Gobbing honey out of jars was sticky business.
Then we heated the must, aka watered-down honey, aka proto-wine.
The proportions of honey to water differ depending on the recipe.
One online recipe suggested two pounds of honey per gallon of water.
We landed right in the middle—18 pounds of honey and six gallons of water, or three pounds of honey per gallon.
We boiled water and added honey along with nutrients and energizer.
Adding honey cooled the water, but then we took the liquid back up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
I fiddled with the burner for 10 minutes or so, trying to keep it hot without letting it boil.
Another recipe calls for boiling.
The must had to cool down again before we could add yeast.
We were ready to sit down to crab appetizers and wine.
When the liquid was finally cool, we added yeast and stirred like maniacs to get plenty of oxygen into the must.
I twirled a spoon until my arms hurt, then Dave gave it a go, creating a cyclone in the bottle.
Sound like a good plan for a Friday night?
We thought so, too.
Our work done, Dave and I opened a lovely bottle of Anderson Valley pinot noir for which we paid some serious dough.
Yes, said one wine-making friend, no problem.
We know this wine variety can be amazing.
Cuz insipid pinot noir is cheap.
Now here we are, drinking elegant pinot noir and adoring it, eyes rolling back in our head, drool escaping from corners of mouths.
We whip out our credit cards for more, more.
Locals call this the Deep End.
Yet the Deep Enders do.
Attasting-room employee Ali Nemo pours a side-by-side tasting of 2011 pinots.
The second pinot is from grapes all grown about 10 miles from the Pacific.
Both wines resonate with complex flavors, feature rich color, and offer an outstanding finish that lingers on and on.
But the wines differ in texture, acidity and flavor.
In the first, you can taste the sunshine.
Owner and winemaker Milla Handley, great-great granddaughter of Henry Weinhard, crafts wines from her 29-acre estate vineyard and also buys grapes from Redwood and Potter valleys.
That's why this wine can be plopped in a cellar or dark closet and emerge 15 years later drinking so, so smooth.
To get here, drive north beyond Santa Rosa.
Head west on Highway 128 at Cloverdale, and cruise rolling green hills toward the coast.
The book casts wine tourists as mere extras.
Mendocino County anchors the Emerald Triangle, where much weed is grown.
This is a tucked-away place, south of Fort Bragg and, farther north, the Lost Coast, aka the King Range National Conservation Area.
We could stay here all day and let wine-room worker Nick Johnson pour 15 wines for us.
These tastings are complimentary tastings—but we pass on award-winning whites and hit the reds.
Navarro won a gold medal, best of class, for this one.
In two days, Dave and I drink spectacular pinots at many wineries.
Along the way, we encounter a few zinfandels from inland vineyards.
These zins vary wildly from our beloved jammy zins of the Sierra Foothills, Amador and Lodi.
Anderson is famous for its whites and sparkling wines, so we sample a few of these.
But for us, the pinots are the free blackjack of note.
This is one of those.
Fortunately, I have not yet hit the limit on my credit card.
Smooth with age, its essence lingers in my mouth for hours, days, weeks.
I can still taste it.
I have damp dreams about this wine.
Blanketed by low stratus clouds, the grapes here strive for survival with testicular fortitude.
We taste their anguish in the Deep End pinot noirs.
In the tasting room, we chat with Dan Rivin, who revels in the craftsmanship of small family-owned estates.
And this makes Rivin oddly glum.
Homogenized pinot noir that no longer pays tribute to the terroir of here.
Pinot that tastes like root beer and cotton candy.
Or perhaps the feisty Deep Enders will prove resistant to invasion.
Rivin pours us a last splash of pinot noir, luxuriously rich, with craps uk layers of fruit and spice that taste like here.
We head home in a cloud.
It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, one's present or future thirst, the excellence of the wine, or any other reason.
Giant snow clumps fell from dark clouds at Calaveras Big Trees State Park.
A half-dozen wine loving amici and I were camping in Arnold, Calif.
The weather can be temperate in spring.
That night, not so much.
We went to Milliaire, Indian Rock, Zucca, Stevenot, Newsome-Harlow and Twisted Oak.
That night, we huddled around the fire, teeth chattering, passing around a bottle or two of newly acquired red.
Misty aimed a flashlight on the steaming cow flesh and concurred.
Seared yet rare in all the right places.
It made the rounds on a long metal fork.
Taking turns, we ripped and pulled and growled and gnawed like primal dwellers of caves.
A tribe of Wino sapiens, toughing out the snow, lighting a fire against the chill of night.
We somehow avoided dropping the meat on the slushy ground.
Pairs well with carnivorousness.
Here, access to fabulous wine is limited, and I wonder if this impacts the politics.
Would tastier wine help the red states turn blue?
Wrap your brains around that metaphoric color challenge.
When I last visited here, I brought my own crate of California reds, checked as luggage.
Sad story: The airline misplaced my box, and by the time they found it, I was on my way back to California.
My family drank the wine.
While trawling the slender wine aisle at a local liquor store, I struck up a conversation with a hometown wine aficionado.
I smiled and noted something about amazing California wines.
And, yes, I have tried that wine.
And she went her way.
And I said to self: Why not?
On the bottle was an invitation for a free winery tour in nearby Prairie Du Sac.
I might have to zip down the road for what sounds like an interesting pinot noir.
The future thirst is now.
The Excellence of the This web page We made few purchases of expensive wine this year.
Instead, we acquired many, many more bottles that we love—and can also afford.
Superb wines at a budget-friendly price point.
On the first day of Christmas—OK, it was more like Thanksgiving—my true love gave to me a half-case of Aglianico.
When Dave spotted aglianico on sale, he remembered how much I had adored it on one of our wine hikes earlier this year.
The wine feels light and round in the mouth—like satin and roses, a tasty Christmas ornament.
I bought a bottle of aglianico on my last visit to Amador Foothills about a year ago.
Winemaker Ben Zeitman took me on a walk in his vineyard.
Grapes were ripe, and we tasted the aglianico, picking small plumb fruit from the vines.
Zeitman said he would be selling his 32-acre vineyard and winery that produces 3,500 cases of wine annually.
He was almost 80 and ready to retire.
Dave and I entertained a fantasy briefly.
I prefer to let the grape artists make the wine for me.
To me, that means the estate is in good hands.
Any Other Reason When your kids come home for the holidays, and marvelous chaos descends on your dwelling, drink a good bottle of wine.
When your mate has had a long week at work and comes home exhausted, drink a good bottle of wine.
When your book rolls off the presses, imperfect but done, drink a good bottle of wine.
The dog wanders through the Illuminare tasting room in Camino, Calif.
Do people still say uber?
Do they use the umlaut to spell it?
When I drink, I overthink.
I sample the 2011 Mourvedre and fall in love.
I could taste at six wineries in one day—if I started early enough.
I have to blackjack double down syrah 2020 />During harvest, it transforms into a magical wonderland called Apple Hill, with fritters, pie, caramel-covered orbs and bumper-to-bumper traffic.
This time of year, the Christmas-tree farms kick into gear.
My favorite reason to visit this El Dorado County town any time of year: more than a dozen or so smallish wineries, all with tasting rooms featuring complimentary pours and friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Dave and I plan a day trip.
I pick six wineries.
I will be deliberate.
I can do this.
The terrain explains the name: ancient volcanoes.
Floral notes, fruit and spices, nicely balanced.
One of my all-time favorite zins in this price range.
I decline white wines and head to the reds.
First up, the Sangiovese 2012 Matagrano Vineyard.
The pitch: Perfect with your turkey dinner.
I jam through complimentary and reserve tastings.
Notables include the newly link 2013 Grenache and the Tectonic 2011, a mourvedre and syrah blend.
So far, so good.
Take two: —Designated Dave cruises country roads, dodging tractors and tourists.
Dave buys the latter.
A tapas trio waits in the car.
He describes the style as halfway between a lighter, spicier French rendition, and a thick-bodied Argentinian.
Which takes my mind to places not wine-related.
Speaking of South American soccer players: Miller is talking about getting punched in the face with tannins.
Many gorgeous wines here.
Dave joins the club.
Four, and not on the floor: —I snarf pistachios in the car.
We head straight to Illuminare, where winemaker Aaron Hill pours goodness in my glass.
How are the kids?
Hill has done it right.
I guzzle blackjack double down syrah 2020 half-liter of water and munch on crackers, channeling my inner Stewie Griffin.
He opened his own winery in 2005.
Tasting room employee Tami Fries pours and talks to me about apple pie and tamales.
Her secret: Many dried peppers and lard.
Is it lunch time?
We can come back and enjoy tasting No.
Outdoor seating, warm afternoon sun.
A friendly winery dog works the crowd.
Recommended wine pairing: Bada Boom, a red blend.
And the wine tastes, uh, mauve.
As in: I can no longer differentiate flavors, nor can I judge the nose or finish.
Drinking more wine, at this point, would be pointless.
Below: Crushed grapes in a vat outside of Crystal Basin Winery, Camino, Calif.
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